Saturday, January 18, 2014

A lovely day....

Today David and I went to the "Rotorua Museum", they had a really cool exhibition called "Sounds Like Us", it was awesome, "Celebrating over 100 years since radio signals were first broadcast in New Zealand, Sounds Like Us explores ‘the voice’ of Radio New Zealand in this quirky and informative exhibition opening at Rotorua Museum"

I won't talk about the photos as I think I got the blurb on them all in the photo's, it was one of the better exhibitions they have had, if you live in Rotorua, go check it out, it is free entry for locals, just bring something to show you are a local, library card will even do :)

The winners were the Grandma's Knitting Basket Radio and the Bee Hive Radio.

I loved the Pavlova, Caravan, and the BBQ radio the best, you could also listen to some of the greatest moments in history as well. 

Then seeing as David and I never celebrated our wedding anniversary the other day, because of what was happening with Biscuit, we decided to go out to lunch today, we went to a new restaurant opened up called "Jazzed" in "Eat Street", I would link it but they have no internet advertising, hmmm would think that the first thing that would be done would be at least a Facebook page anyway onto the restaurant....

I had lamb skewers, except by the time I remembered the photo, I had taken the lamb of the skewers whoops, David had grilled fish and chips, both came with a salad, the prices were ok, the fish and chips were about $26 and the lamb skewers were about $16. Both meals were really nice, could not fault them at all, so if you are wanting to try a recently opened restaurant in Eat Street then go to Jazzed.

After that we had a quick look at some shops, I went to the "Rotorua Lapidary Rock & Mineral Shop", where I got some crystal bracelets... I had sort of forgotten about my crystals and stuff, so thought I would start a new collection as I can not find my old collection it is packed somewhere still I am hoping :)

Tomorrow we are going to the lakefront market, where I am going to pick up a couple of bracelets from "Cobalt Heights"  , instead of posting, I pick up from her as she is at the market every second Sunday. I was going to order them from Aussie originally where I found them but saw that Cobalt Heights had them so shop local I say :)

I am getting the blue nautical one, and the black one in the bottom corner, I am hoping they will fit my wrists as they can get quite swollen :)

Anyway have done a outfit blog entry in my other blog "Be the Change" if you want to check it out :). I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but am planning my tattoo for when I turn 50 this year, yip cough cough fifty bloody hell when I was a kid 50 was ancient, now I am there it does not feel so bad after all lol. 

Today has been a nice relaxing day, though David and I are a little strained at the moment, it is nice that we can still go out and do some things together and not kill each other :). Pain is still pretty high but that is to be expected still. 

Hope you are all having an a great weekend, and have an awesome Sunday :)

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