Friday, January 24, 2014

Better late than never.....

First off weigh in, which I forgot to blog about have lost 1.3 Kilos this week, so all up since the new year, have lost 2.5 Kilos. Have not really changed much, except eating a few more veges and doing some small walks, speaking of walks I am doing 900 meters now, on the weekend am going to hit the 1K mark. 

Here is a photo of my hair in the day time, not sure how much different it looked, the photo was not great for some reason, I ventured out today to my hand therapist and then to the supermarket, who the staff I know well, decided to just about let the whole shop know about my hair lol... Did my nails pink, as well and wore a top that had pink in it, so I matched well :)

No real plans for the weekend, have 2 assignments to get in by 9am Monday morning, so most of it will be doing assignments, we have Auckland Anniversary day here on Monday, so a day off for some of those that work :). Do want to catch up with David's sister and her daughter on the weekend, when they come over to visit David's mum though.

Next week am getting my eyebrows done, can't wait then in about 2 weeks will get my roots done on my hair (should be just about back to blonde by then), then about mid February, I am planning to get my tattoo, can't wait :)

So on that note have an awesome weekend all, and happy Australia Day to those in Aussie :)


  1. I hope you managed to get your assignments finished in time !!!
    Have a great day !

    1. Thanks and yip I did just Linda, what a nice relief to have them done and over with :)