Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally feeling...

After taking a few days off study has been the best thing I could have done. For the first time in weeks I actually feel relaxed.

For a few days there the pain in my arms had crept up quite a lot, I was not sure if it was the drop in methadone (which I doubted on only 1/2 tab decrease), or if it was because I had been doing a lot of computer work, normally I would use "Dragon Dictation", but because I was having issues pronouncing all those large medical words, it just made using the dictation a nightmare, anyway having stopped lots of computer work, the pain is starting to decrease, so am thinking it might have been the extra computer work :)

The first off my Massey stuff arrived today for next semester, which does not start until late Feb. I refuse to even unpack it till I have completed these two exams.

My walks have now hit 1.2k's, so slowly, very slowly I am working at upping the walks a little. Chico and I go at night, when it is a little cooler. 

Yesterday I went through all my make-up and had a massive clean out, and threw out so much stuff that was so many years old..... it felt really good to have a nice clean area, and tidy draws etc for my makeup, found some brushes I had forgotten so am going to give those a good clean today or tomorrow. Speaking of make-up my "Naked Palette 2" arrived the other day, it is so pretty :)

In New Zealand, we have this site called "NZ Sale", where they have things for sale, all bits and bobs, shoes, make-up, clothes and far to much to mention... I was looking today at handbags seeing as I am a handbag addict, and found these.... 

Handbags - $45.00 ($NZ)

And they also sell these cute shoes - $59.00 ($NZ)

And these cool lace ups - $69.00 ($NZ)

They can all be found "here"... and check out the shop "Elite Goby" if you like any of the above, and what is great is that these are not leather, they are a High Quality Synthetic Leatherette, as I refuse to buy leather anymore.

This weekend in Rotorua, it is "Ragamuffin", in fact just down the road, the twins and friends are going, hmmmm wonder what state they will come home in, Friday night won't be so bad it is 5pm to 11pm, Saturday it is 10am - 11pm, add sun, alcohol and some of that natural weed which is floating around all day, and yip I think a hangover, or sunstroke and I am sure someone will be a little worse for wear come Sunday lol. Then on Sunday we are off to Tauranga, to catch up with my dad, and my uncle who is over from Holland for a few weeks holiday. 

So thats what I have been doing in my spare time, hope everyone has an awesome Friday and great weekend :)


  1. So glad you really enjoyed your couple of days off - makes them all the more worthwhile when you do doesn't it ?
    Well done on your walking - slowly slowly you are increasing your distance which is exactly how you should be doing it.
    Have a great evening !

    1. Thanks Linda, was going to take today off, but decided to do a couple of hours study today, to get back into it :)

  2. Hi

    Things are sounding good for you! what part of Holland does your Uncle come from?


    1. Thanks Peta, I will ask Dad when I speak later, as I am not sure what part of Holland, I have so many uncles and aunties over there it is hard to keep track if where they all live :)

  3. It's great that you are getting out walking! No matter how far, it's just good to get out.

    1. Thanks Lynda, thats what I keep telling myself :)

  4. Sorry to hear about the pain in your arms but your walks seem to be getting longer and longer which is great. I think spending too much time on the computer isn't good for anyone xx

    1. I agree about the computer but all study is done on the computer now a days, and slowly but surly those walks will get longer :)