Friday, January 17, 2014

No more please.....

First of thank you to each and everyone of you for the lovely, comments, emails and texts the last few days, it has meant a lot :)

Though the first 2 weeks of 2014 have challenged every part of me, I feel like I am about to turn a corner and can start to move forward finally. 

I have a few photo's they are pretty crappy as they were taken on the iPhone, have got others on the camera which are better, but have to download and edit them a little.

Here we have Chris and Biscuit, taken on Wednesday, they just laid like that for an hour, I have a similar one of Steph and Biscuit but that is on the camera :)

Here is Biscuit at the vet, she looks alert here and at this stage wondering if we were doing the right thing - but we knew we were, she had lost a lot of weight in 2 weeks even though she was eating heaps. Her eyes had no emotion to them, she just lay down and when she looked at us, it was as if she was saying her time was up.  She looked beautiful when we left her :)

Here is Miss Chico, she is pretty lost at the moment, walking around I think looking for Biscuit, she has lost her spark, but am sure it will come back soon, she is grieving like us all :)

There was another event yesterday, that I can not put on here, between these two things, I would have to say yesterday was emotionally one of the worse top 5 days of my life. But they both happened yesterday for a reason, I am sure of that :)

This morning I had my ACC meeting, it went really well and for now, they are happy for me to carry on doing my study and support me with seeing the pain psychologist and hand therapist. My pain levels have gone pretty high in the last week, hopefully with some meditation and some relaxation techniques they will come down.

I have been given an extension on my assignment, so I have decided to just relax today and veg... 

Yesterday was David's birthday, we had a BBQ with the kids and their partners last night, was nice - it was also our wedding anniversary the day before, tonight or this weekend we might go out to dinner to celebrate. As for our marriage at this stage we are just focusing on getting through one day at a time, whatever happens we are not rushing any decisions. Chris is going up to Auckland this weekend, so David and I can have some time alone, we both need a weekend of just down time.

So anyway from now on, lets hope there are some positive news to write about, have a great weekend all and stay safe :)

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  1. Sending lots of love to you - I know how difficult this year has been for you and I truly hope things turn around for you soon.
    Have the best day that you can !