Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have been thinking of selling this cabinet, it was mums, and dad never liked it, so he gave it to me, I like it but it is to dark for the house... so I am thinking of selling it....

and buying one of these....

to store these......

Yip my "Living Dead Dolls"....

And it will go in my study corner, it will give a lot more room in my little study area and I will make sure the coffin is a lighter colour, I have been wanting one for many years to store my living dead dolls in.

Ok so why the title PINK, because of this I got bored tonight and had some pink semi permanent dye left over so decided to dye my hair pink. It is a more of a cerise pink than what the photos show, I will get some photos in daylight tomorrow or on the weekend. When I first saw it, I was slightly shocked but it has grown on me in the last couple of hours. And it will only last 2 weeks at the most and every wash it will wash out a little, by then I will be ready to get my roots bleached again :)

I got my nails done today, she just did the acrylic and I painted them a nice bright orange, but it does not go with my hair so might have to change them to pink tomorrow now lol. If anyone in the Rotorua area wants someone who does excellent nails go check out "Get Nailed", she is brilliant :) - don't look at the crap nail polish job I did :).

Forgot to weigh in today, so will do it tomorrow morning, took Chico for her walk today, so have been walking 4 days in a row now, and yip Linda you are right, even though the walks are small, it is better than sitting on the couch :)

Now want to say a special thank you to Linda in Aussie, we have only met once, but she has been a wonderful person who knows what to do when I am down, today I received a beautiful card of a beach scene, it is on my desk where I can see it every day. I have been able to open up to her and she understands me (not many people do lol), and I am proud to call her a great friend - so Linda thank you so much, I really appreciate your friendship and hope to head back to the Gold Coast in the next year or two and have a really good catch up this time. 

Anyway so thats been my day, got bugger all study done, but it was so nice to be able to catch up with Rochelle who does my nails, and then to get the card from Linda, just made the day extra special :)


  1. Luv the hair :) and the coffin shelf thingee lol

  2. Oh Jackie - you are so welcome !!! I'm really glad to hear that it made your day and is sitting on your desk where you can see it often. You are amazing lady dealing with lots of 'stuff' - it's so good when you find someone you can relate to - I'm glad I can do that for you.
    The cupboard (for want of a better word because I don't know exactly what it is) that used to belong to your folks - have you thought about getting it sanded down (a test patch on the back) to see if the wood under the stain is a lighter wood ? I love the wrought iron accessories on it and they would look amazing if it was a lighter colour as well. Just a thought.
    Love the colour of your hair - I wish I had the courage to try something like that - I'm just a little bit too conservative I think - LOL.
    Have the best day and hopefully you will get some studying done today :)
    Me xox