Monday, January 27, 2014


for some of us here in New Zealand, we have a day off - Auckland Anniversary Weekend, so David's sister, husband and their daughter came over and we took David's mum out to lunch, we went to "Okere Falls Store", it has organic, vegan, gluten free, wheat free you name it, they can cater for you :). 

On the way out we purchased some yummy sausages as well as these... "Strawberry Macaroons" 

They are really yummy.... Okere Falls Store is as sustainable as much as they can, they have little wooden knife and forks, they recycle, they have a composting toilet (thats why the food is so nice), worm farm and many more things... and best of all they sell "Denheath Custard Squares" I think they are the nicest custard squares I have ever tasted. 

Also yesterday I mentioned I had changed my study corner around a little, here is some photos....

I have my "Living Dead Dolls", which surround what will be in the near future my alter, with the broom stick in the background, which you can only just see a little bit of it.... 

On the bookshelf where the Living Dead Dolls were is now, my coffin, angel, and a few other special things

On the walls I have my Kombi pictures, which were given to me by David and Steph :)

I have now officially finished all my assignments and online tests for this semester, have exams in about 2 weeks time, so am giving myself a couple of days off from study, and will get back into it on Wednesday or maybe Thursday :)

Anyway thats it from me for now, have a great Monday all, especially those who have it off :)


  1. That shop/cafe sounds really good. I love custard squares but they're not as easy to get here as they are in NZ. I love your combi! xx

    1. They are importing them to the States now, maybe Aussie might be next :)

  2. That area looks lovely !
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks Linda, love my little corner, can not wait to set my crystals again :)