Sunday, February 16, 2014

A new week already well almost in less than an hour anyway...

My old camera, well it is not that old, but anyway the camera I used  use was to bulky, and with CRPS in both hands/arms, it was really hard trying to take pictures - so the weekend just gone, I purchased a much smaller one, which takes much better pictures than my last one.... and it is tiny enough for me to use without getting sore. Anyway I got a Canon s120, I had done some research and this seemed to be one of the top two recommended the other was a Sony in the price range I was looking at. 
So here it is... the "Canon s120"

The only negative thing I can find, is the battery pack does not last long, so think I will get a spare one or two.....

Also on Saturday we went and got some "placemats" from "Briscoes" and a frypan from "The Warehouse" they had 50% off....

And of course the placements had to have kombi's in them :)

Today we went to the "Rotorua Museum" where they had an exhibition "THE AGE OF AQUARIUS: A 1970S REVOLUTION IN FASHION" it only opened yesterday and it was pretty good :)

In front of the outfits was boards talking about the designers, it was quite weird some of the clothes, there were also a couple of things I vaguely remembering wearing, like the jeans and T-shirt...

These were taken with my new camera, but just on auto setting as I have not learned how to use the rest of the stuff yet, though it is not to hard as it is not a big thing where lenses have to be changed or anything :)

Anyway it is now past my bed time, so will be back another day soon, to show you what makeup I have purchased this year,  I am having a few days off well until Thursday before I start to study again, as the new semester starts Monday the 24th, so tomorrow will have a play with the camera and learn some new stuff about it, some housework and relax, Tuesday is my birthday, David has the day off so the kids and I and him will go out for lunch somewhere I think, oh and one more photo of the winning instant kiwi ticket we won $1000 from..... it was a 1 in 42,000 of winning the $1000, right in the centre you can see the scratched off to reveal the $1000 :)


  1. John was please to hear someone we know has won. He is certain the local machine has jammed on 'not a winning ticket' :)

    Would love to see that display in the museum. Hmmm! When can we afford a trip to Rotorua.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow. How nice for avid to be off work for the day too.

    We watched the Tourettes segment on Sunday last night. I thought it interesting and helpful/educational.

    Cool table mat set. Good buy!


    1. Thanks MargieAnne, it is worth going to see it, think it is there for at least another 8 weeks or so. Was so glad to see the Tourettes programme and especially glad they had a website going as I had one for a few years but with the CRPS it was to hard to keep up :)

  2. I certainly recognised some of that 70s stuff! The stripey tank tops, the bags, the long lapels on the ladies red dotted dress... that way my era :)

    Well done on the $1000 too!!