Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another week bites the dust - if you live in New Zealand... and a weigh in :)

Well since my last weigh in - which was about 2 weeks ago I think, I have lost 800 grams, yes the scales are behaving themselves today, I am wondering if when it is muggy and after a hot shower and the bathroom is all steamed up, they play up, as they seem to be fine in the morning, well they were this morning - jumped on them three times and same number came up, so I will use that, slowly the numbers are coming down - I am ok with slow. 

Today David and I went to the "Lakeside Market", and then went to the "Art in the Park", which they hold in the Government Gardens by the museum, I think once or twice a year. The Lakeside Markets were really quiet, and some of the stalls were at the "Art in the Park". There was a nice breeze which was good, not bad enough to set of the CRPS, but enough to cool me down. These photos are at the Art in the Park.

The last couple of days I have been using the "Scandinavian Make-up Setting Spray", my god it is brilliant, normally when I sweat, my makeup runs and looks terrible and blotchy but not the last 2 days, in fact I have worn my make-up for 8 hours today and apart from the lipstick it looks like it did first thing this morning, another awesome buy was the "Urban Decay Eye Primer" for my eyes, makes the eye shadow last all day as well :)

This is the setting spray I use...

And this is the eye primer I use from Urban Decay...

And this is what I wore...

Skater Dress - ASOS - Currently in Sale for $28.25
Leggings - Farmers 
Shoes - Number One Shoes (About 2 years old)
Amethyst Necklace - GemBox
Earrings - From a market somewhere
I was wearing my headband but you couldn't see it in the photo :)

David and I actually had 2 quite nice outings this weekend, without ending in an argument, a nice change :)

I am so loving having this little camera, and it takes pretty good photos just on Auto, and even David can use it, without blurring every photo like he did on the bigger camera. 


  1. You look lovely jackie, great to see you looking happier :)

    1. Thanks Leanne, am feeling a little better with things :)

  2. That outfit looks really nice!! How did you do that photo setup with the frames and background? I like it:)

    1. Lynda I use the "Fotor Photo Editor" app,available in iTunes, thats the best one I found so far :)