Saturday, February 22, 2014

Depression hits again..

Today "Charlotte Dawson" was found dead in her apartment, she lived in Australia but is from New Zealand, there has been quite a bit of media bashing on her in the last 2 or so years, but she also gave as good as she got, but still sad. 

Anyway onto brighter and better things, am over my bug/virus/withdrawal symptoms or whatever I had, well I still have a touch of it, but nothing like the other day, I had vomited that much, that I have pulled muscles in my chest area and my back - not fun. 

Today David and I went out, "Grab One", a daily deal place had a special for "Columbus Cafe", so we used a voucher we had and went out for brunch - I had the pancakes and David had the full breakfast....

It was very fulling, I took half of mine home in a doggy bag, and we took David's sausage home for little Miss Chico - but was delicious. Nice to see on the menu they actually have a paleo breakfast, more and more restaurants are offering more paleo food. 

This is what the top half of me wore, and I did have clothes on the bottom half, not ready to shock the world yet, but got to try some of my new makeup :)

Then we went to "Briscoes" as I wanted to get some new scales - hence why I have not showed any weigh in's our scales are kaput, but they no longer sell the WeightWatcher brand, which I happen to love for scales, so will check out "Harvey Norman" tomorrow maybe as they apparently sell them. Briscoe's sell the "EKS scales", anyone out there used them, they are currently 60% off for that brand. While at Briscoes I discovered these makeup accessories 30% off, so purchased 3 different ones for my makeup desk :)
A set of 3 draws

This one holds cotton wool balls, and cotton buds

And this one for lipsticks and bits and bobs

And here they all full....

So that was my day, well not really day I suppose as it is only 4.15pm but I am shattered, David has gone to get me some more "Fruju's" as I have run out, and it is so muggy and hot here, it is all I am eating....
The last couple of nights David has been sleeping on the couch cause he did not want to catch my bug if that was what I had, anyway last night I slept for 5 hours straight, I can not remember the last time I slept for 5 hours in a row - it was bliss :)

Anyway thats it from me, catch you all later :)


  1. My goodness - a Paleo breakfast option! Now that's new :) We never have trouble with breakfast anyway as we just ask for no toast. Still good to see this sort of thing appearing.

    1. I thought it was really good to actually see it on a menu, rather than having to ask for it :)

  2. Jackie you look gorgeous. Wow! Love the top.


    1. Thank you MargieAnne, I felt good today as well, which was nice :)

  3. You look so well Jackie, I am glad you are happy again.