Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I am going to be old before I know it the way....

time is going by so quickly, we are over half way through Feb already.....

Yesterday was my birthday... the kids and their partners came around and had lunch, David also took the day off. Chris got me a gift card for "Farmers" and Steph got me a kombi teapot and cup... she also got me this Betty Boop cup, which you freeze and it keeps your drink cold, perfect for my diet coke :)

Have not got many photos of the kids and I, so yesterday we took some.... excuse the messy hair and no make-up, it was just to hot :)

Here is Steph and her boyfriend Rob

And Chris and his girlfriend Courtney

And last but not least Little Miss Chico, who got a haircut the other day :)

Apart from yesterday not a lot else has been happening, have taken a few days of from study which has been bliss, the new semester starts next week.... ordered all my books, not cheap.

Booking my tattoo for in a couple of weeks time, and now just waiting to see if Massey will accept my AEG certificate and give me a pass. 

Next post will be all about my spending spree I have had the last 2 months, mainly make-up, oh and also I am trying Crystal Deodorant's, I have purchased this one "Crystal essence Pomegranate" and "The Body Crystal Body Mist" the Pomegranate one smells beautiful.

So until then have an awesome few days and see you soon :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Lovely to see photos of your children and your little Miss Chico. I have no idea why study books have to cost so much! xx