Friday, February 21, 2014

My haul for 2014 so far.....

Well as I said in my last post I was going to mention what I had purchased this year.... so here we go :)
First up:

We have the "Beauty Blender Sponge", I got the one with the sponge and make-up cleaner in the bottom.

Next up I have the "Scandinavian Make-up Setting Spray" - 10 years younger - have yet to try this :)

Next up is something I have used nearly every day on my hair, one has nearly run out, so ordered another one the other day - "Holistic Hair Sea Spray" Love this stuff :)

Here is the "Crystal Deodorants" I was talking about the other day - love this stuff :) - Which can be purchased "here" if you live in New Zealand :)

Another brand I love is "Tarte, and I purchased this... Amazon escape: "Amazonian clay eye & cheek palette". This is a beautiful palette :)
"Tarte’s cruelty-free, high-performance beauty is infused with pure, invigorating ingredients, and all tarte products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and synthetic fragrances. From award-winning blushes and lip tints to the breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja complexion products, tarte delivers powerful results for real woman. Be green, be smart, be tarte".

"A perfectly portable palette for your eyes and cheeks featuring our biggest beauty breakthrough: Amazonian clay. Also inside are 2 Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes in one original, best-selling shade (exposed) and one NEW shade (free)". - This is beautiful stuff and would love to purchase more but it is not easy to come by in New Zealand, so you may have to order from overseas, which can sting you with postage so shop around :)

Urban Decay "Delux Shadow Box" - It is hard to find now as this particular one is no longer - have yet to use this one properly, only tried a couple of colours. Like all Urban Decay stuff, their packaging is fantastic. 

Next up is the Urban Decay "Eyeshadow Primer" - this is a must for under any eyeshadow, it makes the eyeshadow last all day, and it looks fantastic :). The little purple one (Travel Size) came with a Urban Decay Palette, and it is called original, and the gold one is full size and is called Greed. These are brilliant :)

Now comes the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" - the first one in the series

"Far from a group of boring beige shadows, Naked Palette's long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous bronze-hued neutrals, and includes our pro-quality Good Karma Shadow Brush."
These are gorgeous colours 

Next up is the Naked 2 - this one is just as awesome, it also came with a Urban Decay lip gloss just a little one.

"The most anticipated sequel of the decade. Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows. Our palette proves once again, neutral is anything but boring, (and is downright sexy when worn Naked). Feast your eyes on our shades ranging from pale to deep, matte to sparkly. This collection lets you achieve lots of neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between"

Another Urban Decay purchase is the "Revolution Lipstick" - the 2 colours I have is 69 and Anarchy - this is one of the best lipsticks I have ever tried but am now in conflict as Urban Decay is owned by L'Oreal (more about that later in the post). The packaging is brilliant like all Urban Decay stuff.

The Urban Decay "Brow Box" - comes with the wax n the draw below and the tweezers and eyebrow brush and comes in two colours  (brown sugar and honey pot).

Not the greatest photo but comes in a nice little box :)

Most of the Urban Decay and Tarte stuff can be purchased from Trade Me, and there are also a couple of places selling it direct though they seem to be out of stock a lot of the times. "Mac" and 

 Onto something a little different, this ModelCo lip gloss and mascara came free with the latest "Next" magazine, I don't normally buy this magazine but got tempted by the lip gloss, well have to say am disappointed with the lipgloss and yet to try the mascara...

When it comes to make-up I try to buy animal friendly and as natural as possible, thats why I like Tarte so much, though the crystal deodorants are quite pricey and some of the other stuff as well, I find that it all lasts a lot longer as you seem to need less of it. For all my facial stuff I use "Natio" another animal friendly brand. It can be so hard though trying to find the animal friendly brands, some say they don't test on animals so people think yay, but they could have ingredients that are tested on animals, and then companies sell out to others, Urban Decay is one of them, they are now owned by L'Oreal (this happened in 2013) which is one of the worst brands for animal testing, though they do say they will not be testing Urban Decay products with animals, this happened in 2013, what I don't like is that by buying Urban Decay I am supporting L'Oreal, who I hate. Before L'Oreal took over, in 2012 Urban Decay announced they were going to be selling their products in China, a country that is known to conduct animal testing on products before releasing them to the public. PETA subsequently removed Urban Decay from their list of cruelty-free companies. As of July 6th, 2012, Urban Decay announced that it will not be selling its products to China. Hence why I am looking at Tarte makeup now, I do not want to support L'Oreal. If I had known this 2 months earlier, I may not have purchased all this Urban Decay stuff.... but hey I am trying my best :)

And last is this bracelet I got from the market a couple of weeks ago, I loved it and just had to get it :)

So there you thats been my shopping spree for the last couple of months, I have also the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 coming and on Trade Me (the NZ version of Ebay) I scored this awesome deal with eye shadows, 15 "Bella Vie mineral eyeshadows"  for $60 - they are normally about $25 - $30 each and most are brand new, I could not let that auction go by. 

I have all the stuff now to make me beautiful, now I just need a life... have had either a wicked bug or a withdrawal symptom from the methadone I am decreasing for the last few days, lots of vomiting, dizziness, and just feeling crap.

So there you have it, my shopping haul for 2014 so far - take care and catch you soon :)

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