Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday is here already......

Last night I walked 1.8K's and exercycled 7 minutes, by Sunday I want to walk 2k's, then I will stay at 2k's then every 2nd walk I will add an extra 100 metres, one day I will be walking 5k's again, also with my exercycle I am going to increase 30 seconds every 2nd day as well. I would like to get up to 15 minutes on the exercycle.

Little Miss Chico sometimes sleeps in this beanbag, it is next to my desk where I study, it is so cute watching her :)

Each year I order a planner from "Personalised Planner" in Australia, you design your own and can add important dates in it, this year I opted for a smaller one and I love it...

Here  it is with the plastic cover over it...

And without it, so you can see the clearer picture and of course I had to have a kombi cover...

And inside, you can see where I have added friends birthday, also you can make the inside how ever you like, mine starts in March - you can start anytime of the year and it is 12 months. 

You can choose whatever colour combination you like, pictures etc, it cost $40 (AU) including postage but I think it is worth it and love it, and though I have all my appointments on my phone, I am always paranoid my phone could crash, so I always have a nondigital back up as well. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, so not bad at all :).

My ex helps do the eftpos machines at the concerts - and he needs people to work them, so Steph and Chris do it, they get paid and then see the concert for free as well, Steph went to Eminem the other week, and Chris is doing the two Bruce Springsteen concerts this weekend, and he is also doing the Rolling Stones in April. They finish work at about 9pm so they get to see all of the concert - good score for them :). 

Both the twins are doing well, Chris is going up to Auckland to live at the end of this year.... and Steph has moved out but still lives in Rotorua :). After a few rough years with the kids including one with epilepsy and the other with Tourette Syndrome, OCD, Aspergers and a few other things, I am really proud of them both, I never thought 2 years ago, they would be where they are today. Steph goes for her full car license in May and Chris goes for his restricted in about a month :). 

Oh yeah seeing as I am now into making myself even more beautiful with the enhancement of makeup ;), I splashed out and got some "Sigma Brushes", these are the Mr Bunny ones which are vegan friendly. They are a gorgeous blue colour and come in this lovely blue storage containers, OMG they are so lovely to work with :).

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch, looking forward to it, so I better start getting myself organised... Oh yeah also got my nails done yesterday, have this yellow nail polish on them, don't like the colour so am going to change it when I get back from lunch :)


  1. I use Personalised Planner as well - LOVE their diaries. I've used them for the past two years now and don't think I will be without one e-v-e-r !!!!
    Well done on your exercise - you are doing a great job !!!!
    Have the best day !

    1. Thanks Linda, I think I will buy one every year to the day I die, I love that you can personalise them so much :)

  2. You are doing well with the exercise, I know it is so hard for you but in the long run hopefully it makes you feel better.

    Your kids are both doing so well and are a credit to you. If your ex ever needs another teenager to work for him let me know, I have one who would love to do it :-).

    1. I figure it can only do me good, I need to be as fit as possible for the day I return to work, and yip will let you know if he needs some other people :)

  3. Even though I haven't the $$'s to spend on myself…with a wedding to attend this weekend, you have inspired me and I have splurged and have booked myself in to have some waxing done….and my nails and makeup done too :-)

    1. Yay you go for it Jen, it makes such a huge difference to your self esteem. I can feel really don but add some makeup or a nice polish and I feel so much better - can't wait to see the photos and have an awesome day :)

  4. Great progress. Enjoy lunch OOPS! I guess that was yesterday :)