Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yip tomorrow, I have my psychologist, I have brought the appointment 1 week earlier, am so glad she had a spot for me, after a cancellation. This year has been very emotional, with a death, having to send our dog to doggy world, another personal issue I can not discuss on here, then our marriage still under pressure, reducing of methadone, which is giving me side effects, and this is making my pain increase, so to help that I am doing a lot more mediation, small walks, using the tens machine more, and other exercises to help cope with the increase in pain. I decided not to sit my exams, and am applying for an AEG pass, my psychologist has backed me up for this. 

But all is not the end of the world, though it feels like it at times.... I have done a little soul searching the last couple of days, and will do some more over the next few days, next week is my birthday - think it will just be another day, not really in the mood for celebrating - I am saving up for my tattoo, so the kids are giving me money and so is my dad, though he does not know it is going towards a tattoo lol. 

I am studying full time this year, this will be my last year of full time, at the end of it, I can choose if I am going to do Bachelor of Social Work, or Bachelor of Health Science - major rehab. After this year I will have four papers to go to finish the rehab and 4 papers to go and two placements to finish the social work degree or maybe I can do both degrees as I am so close in finishing both, which is possibly what I am looking at, it would still mean I would only need to do part time to finish both. I am not going to worry about that though until the end of this year...... though the study is hard, it is also what is keeping me going and also where I feel I have something for me. 

Valentines Day this Friday - I don't believe in it, I don't feel you need 1 day a year to show someone you love them, by buying overpriced flowers etc... I ignore all the hype around it and get frustrated when I see the prices they charge for flowers etc 1 day a year...

Hmmmmm this is beginning to sound like a downer post, not my intention, as I feel now I have some guidance with my future, some of my future I have no control over at this stage - but by the end of the year I will have :)

Anyway after this post I am not going to discuss negativity, it is 2014, I have good things in my life, I need to focus on them more :)

So on the weekend I am going to do a make-up post, as I have discovered the brand "Urban Decay" and have fallen in love with their stuff, so will show photos of what I have purchased on the weekend. I may even attempt a vlog post :)

So catch you all then :)

Oh and one more thing - I have dragged out the exercycle again and am going to start using it daily - starting a few minutes a day, hopefully the exercise endorphins will also help with keeping positive :)

Good things do happen - we just won $1000 in a scratchy, that will pay for my tattoo :)


  1. Congrats on the scatchie win… :-)

  2. Woohooo - well done on the win !!!
    I'm glad you got a cancelled appointment and I truly wish you lots of happiness in 2014 !
    I agree about Valentine's Day - it's just a money making racket !!! In fact I forgot all about it and it was only when I called A on my way to work and he wished me that I remembered. He is working on the Sunshine Coast but should be home tonight although he has to go back up tomorrow to work again :(
    Have the best day !

    1. The win was awesome, and was even better when the cash got handed over lol, have an awesome time with A tonight :)

  3. I hope you go well with the psychologist. It's a shame you can't sit your exams but wow! You have so many qualifications and I'm sure as soon as you hand in those final papers you'll be able to get a terrific job. Good luck with the exercycle! xx

    1. Thanks Charlie, I am hoping I can get the job I want - better with all that hard work lol