Saturday, March 8, 2014

2 things....

A quick entry - 2 things ok 4 things to report on...
  • First one - stopped exercycling and constipation is on its way out.....
  • Second one - Though I walked 2.75k's I need to cut back, I am overdoing it to much and paying with pain later in the day, so as from today I will stay at 2k's for 1 week then increase it 250m every Saturday so in 4 weeks time I will be doing 3k's and I will stay at that for maybe a month or so.... a little disheartened but have to do it slowly, pointless busting my gut then for 2 days I am to sore.....
  • Yes I lied I said 2 things but there are four actually - now the BM's are getting back on track, I am going to lower my carbs again, until I can find the happy balance. This won't start for about a week, I need to make sure the BB's are back on track :)
So on that note have a lovely weekend one and all, and catch you soon :)


  1. Glad your getting back to normal. Take it easy you don't need the pain to be worse than it is. Shop sounds good . Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. It sounds like a sensible exercise plan. I would love to see some of those artisan doggy treats if you end up buying any xx

  3. Sounds like a good plan - as you say, no point in exercising if you land up being in pain afterwards.
    Have the best day !