Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another day...

'GrabOne' had a 'Nakedbus' deal the other day $12 tickets for anywhere in New Zealand, only problem was it had to be used before the 17th April, well I got two as Chris goes to Auckland on them every 2nd weekend. Anyway when I printed of the voucher it said up to and including the 17th April, well that is Easter weekend (well the Thursday before Easter weekend), so Chris and his girlfriend had planned to go up, so thought I would use the two tickets, go to book and was not valid on the 17th..... so rung up GrabOne, who told me to ring NakedBus which I said no not at $1.99 per minute, so GrabOne put me through... explained to them the issue, and yip they made a mistake was suppose to end the 16th - anyway they honoured my tickets and gave me two new codes to book for the 17th so that all got done. Then I thought hmmmm wonder if these other vouchers would still work I assumed they would have cancelled them as I had to give the codes - but no they still worked so awesome, I ended up getting 3 trips from Rotorua to Auckland, and 1 return trip from Auckland  to Rotorua for the grand total of $30 - bloody good score :)

Next on the agenda is blogs, well more professional blogs, well mainly professional fashion blogs.... I never knew how many there were out there, and how competitive they are.... ok I know they say they give their honest opinion, but the ones I have read for a long while now, never seem to say negative stuff about the stuff they review (and most of it, if not all seems to be from the same one or two companies)... and after following a few for a long while now, I have now deleted them of my list, as I get sick of hearing about same 1 or 2 brands they constantly review. I have recently discovered so many small businesses on 'etsy' that don't get a look in, so I am going to be showing you all, some of the ones I love and yes they will be plus size, or for fat people, or whatever you call yourself :). What I dislike about the professional blogs is that one company can give away maybe 10 of the same clothes to different blogs and when you read them they are all reviewing the same thing... sorry but I find that "BORING". Once I had thought that having a professional blog would be awesome, but now I have seen and heard what competition there is amongst them - no thank you do I want to be part of that, so this little blog will be all about things I buy - but if a company would like to offer maybe a 10% or 20% discount code for others, I would not say no too. I always link the things I buy and also link the companies I buy from, today a comment was left on yesterdays post by 'Beauty Bliss', which was really nice. I am more than happy to recommend online shops or physical stores where I get excellent service from, as well as I will comment about negative service as well. So there you have it, though it has been tempting to accept the odd free stuff I have been offered, I am glad I have said no and that this blog will remain just a little blog from a lady living in Rotorua New Zealand :). 

Next up, I have been fiddling with my little corner again and have shifted things around I now have my little alter (well will be my alter when I finish it), set up much better and I love looking at it now when I am stressed from studying (it is right next to my desk) - I have incense going or lovely smelly candles :)

On the 22nd we have a 21st, Davids niece, it is at the Mount, we are planning to go, am really hoping I can enjoy a few hours there, now what to wear - its been a while since I had an outing so exciting.... lol

As I said the other day, I am planning to go lower carb, well seeing as I am just starting of by removing wheat from my diet, I am going to say that I am going wheat free for now :). Anyway am thinking about vlogging the journey to eventually being low carb. I am not going to weigh myself or anything, well I will at the beginning on Monday morning but after that it will be monthly or whatever, but the idea is not to do it to lose weight but it is going to be done to get healthy and hopefully decrease some of the CRPS side effects. So am planning to do maybe 2 vlogs a week, and another post or two a week, so will be checking in 3-4 times a week. I will also vlog, maybe things I have purchased or things happening in my life - after all I have now got this cool little dinky camera that my hand can hold so why not so - 

should I or shouldn't I??

Ok as I said I am going to talk about smaller independent stores on Etsy, well some will be a bit bigger than smaller but they are not the mainstream sites that every fashion blogger tends to promote... so first up we have "URBANPRAIRIEGIRL", I am loving her skirts, the ones I really love are these two, some of them are a little expensive but thats what happens, when you buy maybe 1 offs, or only a couple have been made. I much prefer that, than wearing something that every other plus size person in New Zealand is wearing as there are only a dozen plus size stores in New Zealand. 

$107.80 (NZ$) approx.
Overview Handmade Materials: 
indian block prints, cotton, kalamkari cotton, batik, handmade fabrics, handprinted, indian, kalamkari, ooak fabrics

This one below I love and am thinking of getting  - $94.48 (NZ$) approx. 
Overview Handmade Materials: 
fabric from India, cotton print, handmade cotton, indian block print

So there we have it, my first online Etsy store that sells plus size and what I think is reasonable prices for what they are :)

And let me know if you think I should blog and vlog my journey in improving my health and  life, I think if I vlog, it will make me more accountable. 

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  1. Those skirts are gorgeous! I hope the 21st goes well and as I'm organising one myself, I'll very much look forward to hearing all about it. That's such a good deal on those bus tickets! xx