Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another week has begun....

Steph and her boyfriend Rob moved back home again last week, only for a couple of weeks as they are looking for a house to rent for just the two of them, and I think they have found the perfect place, just waiting to get it confirmed later today and will move in next week Friday the 21st if it all goes ahead. So we can empty out our garage a bit as they are going to use some of our spare furniture that we had when David and I combined, like a washing machine, lawn mower, cutlery, plates etc etc...

Study is going well, have just finished my first assignment for this semester...

Walking every 2nd day is working well too, not getting the real pain at the moment so will stick with this for a while, and stay on the 2ks as well. Speaking of exercise since I have stopped the exercycle, all is going well again in the BM's. So next week I am planning to start reducing some carbs, first part is eliminating wheat... keeping it simple, will do this for a month or so and make sure all the internals are coping well with that, and if so next will be sugar, and so on... I am not sure how the winter walking will go, cause currently I can not wear shoes, well can wear the converse but they are loosely tied up, so not to annoy the foot to much, currently I am walking in orthotic jandals, so not sure what I will do in the winter, I tried the proper shoes I got fitted for last year but they are to tight now as the swelling has increased so much more this year. Got a while to think about it :)

Today I received some nail polish, it is "Lime Crime" and OMG it is beautiful, it costs $19 a polish but oh so worth it, and yes it is animal friendly. I ordered them from 'Beauty Bliss'. The three colours I ordered were 'CREMA DE LIMON', 'PEACHES ♥ CREAM', and 'ONCE IN A BLUE MOUSSE'

I am wearing the Peaches ♥ Cream, it is lovely to put on, quite creamy and quite thick, a bit thicker than what I am used to, but am sure I will get used to it :)

Excuse the red hand, that is the thanks to the CRPS and the colour change I have, it is much more noticeable in my left leg/ankle/foot. 

So thats about all I have been up to, Chris has just picked up some more hours at work, so he is stoked, so things are all going pretty well at the moment, if you exclude David and I and our relationship, but life is to short to stress out so am just going with the flow for now  :)


  1. Your nails look great! Thanks for the Beauty Bliss shout-out :)

    Beauty Bliss

    1. Thank you for the comment, I always promote stores etc and stuff I buy now... so I am sure you will be mentioned more as I am certainly going to be getting some more nail polish and Lime Crime lipsticks :)