Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get ready to cheer....

Today I walked 2.75km's - yay yay yay..... now for the not so yay, I am constipated again, but now for the yay again... I think the reason could be the exercycle, as the seat really strains certain parts of my body, even with a cushion etc... the more I biked the worse the constipation is.... SO
I am going to leave the bike for now and just focus on the walking and see what happens over the next week or so again, now I have stopped the exercycle. So cross fingers/toes etc and lets hope it is the bike :)

Lynda yes I did see the Fair Go programme, I paid full price for it, so it was not like a 'to good to be true' thing, and this one was exact apart from the serial number.. most of the duped ones had black writing etc, this one didn't... anyway have let Trade Me know.

Oh did I mention I walked 2.75kms today, I am glad I had yesterday of from my walk, as my body was in a lot of pain, and I had to slow things down a little, I am now going to aim for 3kms by the end of next week, and seeing as I am not exercycling, I can focus on the walks, am aiming for walking 5 times a week :). 

Anyway have my "NZ House and Garden" magazine next to me , so am going to read that now, it is the only magazine I buy.... so catch you all later :)


  1. Woohooo - go you !!!!! It's great that you got up to 2.75kms and a good idea to give the exercycle if it is making your constipation worse. Keep up the FANTASTIC job you are doing !!!!
    Have a wonderful day !

  2. Even worse if you paid full price - bloody con people! Wow. 2.75 km is awesome Jackie!!

    1. Thanks Lynda, can't wait till I hit the 3 K's but am going to take it slowly as I think I am overdoing it so going to cut back to 2k's again and build up slowly.