Monday, March 3, 2014

Out and about....

On the weekend David and I went out for brunch to celebrate my passing of exams, nowhere really exciting, we went back to 'Columbus Cafe' as we had vouchers to use for there, David had a fish and potato thing, and I had Eggs Benedict, not fussed on Eggs Benedict but have not had it for ages so ordered it - the meals were quite nice :) - and then we did something really exciting for me... we went to 'Harvey Norman' - to buy an iPad mini, as they had 18 months interest free, not that that, really worried us, but the add on TV saw us go there first as they were advertising an Apple promotion, well we get there and not 1 iPad mini in stock, asked if they had them in Hamilton, Mount or Tauranga and no apparently there were none in NZ, well hello if you are going to do a promotion at least have the stock, asked the guy if he knew when more stock would be arriving the answer we got was 1 week to months - he had no bloody idea.

So we did what any other person would do, go to their opposition, which happened to be 'Noel Leeming', where I got a pretty white mini iPad  so David now has my iPad 2 :)

Anyway I have done my first youtube video for GoodieBox, certainly need a lot more practice in talking to a camera (well actually I used the iPad mini) and editing - but practice makes perfect I will get there  

And this is what I wore....

Skirt - 'Holy Clothing'
T-Shirt - 'ASOS Curve'
Shoes - 'Converse' 
Handbag - Ripcurl - Some shop in the Gold Coast

Necklace - 'Skingraft'
Earrings - 'The Original Gypsy Fair' (I think)
Headband - 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay

So that was our weekend :)

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  1. My internet's too slow to currently watch the video, but I'm sure it's great (the stuttery bits I'm seeing as my internet freezes looks fine!!!) ;-)

    Love purple skirt and I really REALLY love that headband!