Monday, March 24, 2014

Still alive...

Today is the first in nine days, I feel like I am actually human....

OMG this horrific smell has just passed my noise, I think it has to be Chico... yukk yukk and yuk.

Ok still no walking, in fact have been visiting the hospital getting IV fluids, also when they did bloods it showed low potassium levels, so been having potassium pills for that, am now waiting for todays blood results to find out what they are, so I know if I can decrease the meds or what. I also did a BM sample, but that won't be back till tomorrow. Up until today what I may have has not been very nice, but now they back to thinking food poisoning again - gees wish they would make a decision lol. The only positive it is not a virus as know one else has got it thank goodness. 

I have lost 10 kilo's since last Sunday, shame it is only fluid and most if not all come back... I am eating only minimal food, like maybe a piece of toast and a mandarin a day, since yesterday. So needless to say any chance of going wheat free, has currently gone out the door. 

Steph and Rob moved into their own flat on the weekend, when I am better I will go and visit. They were flatting with someone else, but now they have just the two of them. 

Anyway just a quick update, as I am still not up to much and time to have another nap....

Yay just heard from nurse, potassium levels are back into normal range, so we decrease the meds and see if we can get to no potassium meds by the end of the week :)


  1. Hope your feel better soon Jaxx that sux take care

  2. This is encouraging. Hope you continue and feel up to a short walk again within a few days.


  3. Glad you are coming to the end of it, what a horrible illness - whatever it ended up being. Don't overdo things now you are feeling a bit better, take your time to get well.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been well but pleased your potassium levels are nearing normal. That's an amazing weight loss in such a short time and I hope for your sake, it's not all fluid xx

  5. Hi Jackie, really hope you are feeling a lot better.I think I must have got sick about the same time as you. Let me know if you are up for lunch anytime soon.

  6. Hope all is OK in your world. Just heard on Monday night that K has been accepted into the au pair program. This morning she had been contacted by a family in San Diego so they are busy talking at the moment. They have 5 days to make a decision whether they would like to hire her or not, if they don't want her she goes back into the pool for other families to choose from. All very exciting if not a little daunting at the thought of sending our 'little baby' into the big bad world on another continent !!!!
    I hope you are feeling OK - take care and look after yourself !
    Me xox

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