Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hi all....

Well I certainly don't ever want to get food poisoning again, it took me 3 weeks to recover nearly fully... Have no idea where I got it from, it was a notifiable strain, and the health department, said you normally get that particular strain from a swimming pool, or a farm or water from a bore, and as I had not been anywhere like that, there was no way to determine what could have caused it. 

I am hoping to start back walking again tomorrow, but will start again at 1km :(, oh and have managed to lose 4 kilos of the 12 kilos originally lost, so can live with that :).

Managed to get extensions on assignments, so will have a busy week getting them all done this week :(

The week after, I need to get the roots done on my hair, thinking I might also look at getting some extensions, which will mean I might need to look at growing my hair a bit...., also my eyebrows are in desperate need of a tidy up, so will that as well the following week, would love to get it done this coming week, but to much study to do this week...

Yesterday David and I got a yearly pass for "Rainbow Springs" here in Rotorua, am going to try and go once a week for a walk around it. We went for a walk around it yesterday as we were waiting for Miss Chico to get her haircut...

And this is what I wore...

 Skirt - Not sure (Maybe The Warehouse)
Shirt - "Virtue" (Aussie Last Year)
Necklace and Earrings - "GemBox" - Boho Love Box
Nail Polish - Lime Crime (Once In A Blue Mousse) - "Beauty Bliss"
Sunglasses - "JayJays"
Handbag - "The Rainbow Shop" Byron Bay - Sorry the photo is crap and you can't see it)

This was pretty much my first outing in 3 weeks, so was nice to get out, then today we went to the "Soundshell Market" here in Rotorua, it was not that great, as winter gets nearer the stalls get less and less - sad really considering Rotorua is suppose to be a tourist city. 


  1. Great to see feeling heaps better and you're out and about again.

  2. Blimey, I hope you're feeling much better by now.

  3. Was that giardia? I got that a few years back from God knows where... although I had been to Rotorua for the weekend before. Glad you're finally feeling better. It's lovely at Rainbow Springs and a lovely place to walk around - unless there are loads of tourists!

  4. Glad your feeling better Jaxx take it slowly