Monday, April 14, 2014

I am.....

Constipated again ggggggrrrrrrrr, oh and to top that off, I also have a urine infection...

Anyway this weekend we didn't get up to much, as I am still not 100%, but did go out for lunch to "Aroma Cafe", it was quite nice - and this is what I wore:

I got to try out the Urban Decay Electric Palette today you can see it "here" if you don't know what I am talking about and the lipstick is from the "Lime Crime Velvetines Range in Pink which can be purchased from "Beauty Bliss" for those in New Zealand :). I am in love with this lipstick, it lasted nearly all day with eating and drinking....

Top - "Autograph" 2012
Skirt - "Holy Clothing" (Black Midnight Seanna Scalloped Hem Gypsy Ruffle Peasant Boho Skirt - Not sure if they still do this particular skirt). 
Shoes - "Number One Shoes" 2013
Handbag - "The Rainbow Shop" Byron Bay 2013

We also went into "Number 1 Shoes" where I got these wedge sandals, they had 30% off, they are a low wedge, so a good one for me to start learning on, as I have not worn any shoes with a heal in years and years... They are so comfy, and I am so excited I found a pair that could ft my swollen ankles :). They are "Caitlin Sandals"

I am going out to lunch today with a friend, and am hoping to wear them then, had lunch with another blogger LeeAnne last week, which was really good :). 

Am getting my haircut and roots done tomorrow, as you can see by the photos they are in desperate need for a touch up. I am also going to grow my hair out a little :)

Have a great week one and all, I will more than likely do a post on Wednesday to show you my hair, well sometime this week anyway :)


  1. oh no, hope you're feeling better soon.
    Love that white top you're wearing.

  2. Thanks so much Jackie for your generous and gorgeous comment on my blog. Sorry to hear you're having a few issues but I love those sandals! xx

  3. You look lovely - hope you are feeling better by now !