Saturday, April 12, 2014

OMG I am in love.....

With, this - How can you not be, who needs brightly coloured candy from a candy shop when you can have this - ok for those in the States this is old news but for us Kiwi's it is still all new and exciting :)

What am I talking about, yes the new "URBAN DECAY ELECTRIC PALETTE"

And here it is in all its glory...even the box is nice and summery - forget that we are heading into winter, I am always a summer person all year round, ok maybe a spring/summer person.

I can not wait to try these colours out.... How can you not love these colours....

Yes I know I should have swatched them etc first.... but it just arrived and I was so excited to blog about it, but will do a swatch etc another day soon.

How can you not love these colours...... Speaking of colours the names are from left to right

Top Row - Revolt, Gonzo, Slow Burn, Savage, Fringe
Bottom Row - Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Trash.

I am in love...


  1. Okay - watch is a swatch? surely you just use the stuff? I have never been good at make up/nails etc......wish I was better at it

    1. Swatching them is trying them on your arm or hand to show the colours on skin - nothing to exciting lol.

    2. Oh and I was never into makeup etc till the last 12 months, I was always so conservative with it all...