Thursday, April 10, 2014

What does one do, when they are 2 weeks bed ridden apart from sleeping....

Surf the internet and watch lots of youtube....

And spend money on things....

I am planning to do a vlog of everything when it all arrives, which will hopefully be the end of next week, but some stuff has arrived so here are some photos...

Beauty Bliss have 15% of for today only on all Lime Crime Products - Code is Lime15 - Ends Midnight Tonight :)

First up from "Beauty Bliss" I got the new "Lime Crime Velveteen" in the shade Salem. This is such a cool lippy :)

Below I got two Lime Crime Lippy's - one is from "Beauty Bliss - Poisonberry shade" and the other one I got from "" - shade "Mint to be"

I also got these two nail polishes... Both Lime Crime of course, I am really loving this brand :)
The shades are "Pastelchio" and "Milky Ways"

Here it is on my nails the shade "Pastelchio"

Also from "" I got this eye palette also from Lime Crime, I wore the green one yesterday to match my nails and my outfit, when I met up with LeeAnne for lunch :)
I can no longer find it on their site but here it is on the "Lime Crime" website, if you want a closer look at it - this one is called Aquataenia :)

I also went to the "Soundshell Market" on the weekend and purchased this silver surfboard necklace :)

So thats been the spending spree for now, oh and did another order from Beauty Bliss today, while they had 15% of Lime Crime stuff today only :)

Today the weather is crappy, Chico has been freaking out, she hates thunder, and starts to shiver and pant etc... we give her a natural pill to help calm her but sometimes it is just not enough :(.

Have now caught up with all the assignments I had extensions on, tomorrow I have an online test... not feeling that confident but nothing I can do now, except do my best :).

This afternoon I am getting my eyebrows done and Tuesday I am getting my hair done, the roots need doing again, and am thinking I might grow it a little, so I can wear extensions when it gets longer, still not sure though.

Last night I was saying to David, that I wished we had planned a trip to Aussie this year, oh well we didn't, but have decided if we are still together next year we will plan and budget for a 3-4 week trip to the Gold Coast. As for our relationship, have no idea what is happening, we both decided to make no major decisions till the end of the year. 

Anyway thats it from me for now, I have 4 more packages arriving, some clothes from "ASOS" and some more makeup from "BeautyBay" and I bought some Urban Decay stuff from "Ebay" and as well the order I just did from BeautyBliss for the Lime Crime stuff that was 15% off :)

Have a great weekend all, and may do a post on the weekend, if not then, then early next week :)

Stay safe and keep smiling :)


  1. Great to see you feeling much better, enjoy your afternoon out :). Lovely colours too with all the makeup :)

  2. Love those nail colours…especially that light green, thats gorgeous.
    Enjoy your pampering.