Thursday, April 17, 2014

What an eventful few days....

Went and got my hair done on Tuesday (the roots) no haircut just a trim as I want to grow it and am wanting this style when it gets long enough - which means I have to go through the horrible stage of waiting for it to grow. 

Anyway before I continue on the next part of this story, I need to backtrack a little, I went for a warrant on my car the other week, passed but said the alternator belt needs doing, I was thinking yip will do it soon, and forgot about it, well on the way home from Tauranga (about 60Kms away), the battery light and the alternator light came on - whoops, I was on the back road in the middle of a gorge with no cellphone coverage, needless to stay I had a moment of panic before I decided I needed to remain clam and think - I turned of anything that would take battery power. I knew had a few km's before the battery would completely die, so all I could do was drive carefully and get as far towards home before it died, at this stage I had no idea how long it would last. Well I can tell you I never been so happy to see the sign saying Rotorua. Anyway the car died... lucky I was out of the gorge, yes I was on a yellow line where I shouldn't park but it was safe enough and there was nothing I could do anyway lol. Called AA they towed it to to their garage and fixed it for the next day. 
Just when I thought it was all good, the bloody thing is only just turning over and starting ggggrrrrr. Tomorrow when this rain has stopped I will check the battery is not loose else it will be back to the AA garage on Tuesday - trust this to happen on a long weekend :(. 

Anyway Easter weekend is here and I am going to be studying, David is helping a friend move to her new house, it is the lady who lost her husband at the beginning of the year, so I will use that time to study. Chris and his girlfriend have gone up to Auckland for the weekend to Chris's dad. 

Oh and some exciting news, my legit "Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette" arrived this week, it is pure bliss :). Speaking of makeup etc - think I need to change my face products, my face stuff is not working as well as it could be anymore, so figure it is time for a change, also am going to change my hair products, as my hair is getting bored with what I have been using for a couple of years now. Oh and some other exciting news, "NZ Sale" have "Butter London" nail polishes for only $15, needless to say I had to order a few.... They are animal friendly, and hard to find in New Zealand, and if you do they are normally $30 each, so could not let a bargain ;like that go by now could I :).

Now speaking of weight and health etc.... I have been thinking while I have been sitting on the loo with constipation, it is really a good thinking place as no-one disturbs you when you are on the loo :). Anyway most people who talk about wanting to lose weight, are doing it to be healthy, but if the scales don't show what you want them to, you get upset and pissed off, and many of us say stuff it.... so this got me thinking, why when we have a good week at food etc and feel really good about ourselves and then jump on the scales and BOOM we all of a sudden hate ourselves get pissed of etc.... as the scales maybe up or show only a little loss. So why weigh in then, isn't it better for us to feel good about what we have done for the week or month and not worry about the scales, because if you have eaten well, exercised enough, and you feel good about yourself, you will be more likely to succeed the following week or month. Whereas if you weigh and the scales don't show what you think they should, you beat yourself up. If you are really honest about your food and exercise, surly the scales will move in the right direction over the long term.... I know of a few people who no longer use the scales sure, they still have bad days, but the majority of the days they feel great about themselves and they are not stressing about what the scales say and use their energy on doing positive things in their life. I believe scales have a lot to answer for, after all we are all doing this to become healthy, and if we do really want to be healthy and focus on that, surly in the end the scales shouldn't matter. As eating healthy and exercising healthy will surly make our bodies healthier regardless of the what the number on the scales say, shouldn't it? 

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  1. If not weighing in works then I say do that. I know of a lady who only weighs herself once a year. Do what works :)