Saturday, May 3, 2014

At this rate I will be dead before I know it....

Time is going so fast, I can not believe we are into May and next month we are off to Aussie.....

Anyway what have I been doing and where have I been....

Will bullet point some of it...

  • Aiming to walk up to 2.5 Kilo's in 6 weeks (In time for Aussie) - Increasing it by 1/4k each week :)
  • 2 Assignments Due - this coming week
  • Exams start in 5 weeks
  • No more junk food, any money we would have spent on junk food, or going out for lunch etc we are putting away in a money jar for spending money for Aussie.
  • Still slightly constipated but thanks to 'feijoas' am doing better - Chris scored a whole lot for us, this is my favourite fruit, wish the season would last longer...

My uncle (Dads Brother) in Holland passed away, a couple of days a go, funeral is tomorrow New Zealand time, had met him once, a little sad that family is so far away at times. 

A friend turned up a couple of nights ago, an old school friend I had not seen in prob. 9 or 10 years, have known her since I was about 11 years old. Was really nice and made me review my friendships, especially those I have not made an effort with, but that is going to change. Linda lives about a 6 hour drive away, they were here in Rotorua for a small holiday, I am so happy she found the time to pop in and surprise me. 

The other weekend we went to 'Tauranga Farmers Market' and to 'Mount Maunganui' for a walk along the boardwalk by the beach, was lovely, I really really really miss the beach. :)

For a beautiful Autumn day the beach was very quiet, and there was no surf at all :(

Lots of people walking up the Mount (If you look at the track on the right hand side, you can see the path)

Not a very flattering picture of both David and I, but hey we can't look perfect all the time lol - 
(And yes he needs a shave, suppose I can let him off, he had been on holiday for a week). And OMG my hair is hideous, the joys of growing it longer, and you have to go through that possible phase.

We also went to 'Rainbow Springs' as we have the yearly local pass - it is a nice place just to walk around, here are only a couple of photos, one of the 'Pohutukawa Tree'
New Zealand's native Christmas Tree (with no flowers on it - wrong time of year)

And just 1 more from Rainbow Springs...

Here are a few things we are thinking of doing in Aussie, some we have done, some we haven't:

Catching up with friends....

  • Plus shopping of course :)

Since my friend turned up, I have been reviewing friendships etc..... One thing I can not stand is people who are constantly two-faced... I know I do it, in fact I think we all do it at times, but am trying to not do it near as much now. The blogging world is really bad for it, people can be discussing a blog (in a conversation with another person) and either like or dislike something, more dislike I think in this situation, and they say in person how they disagree with this and that, and then they go and comment about how wonderful that particular thing or person maybe. Really gets to me, I know longer comment instead of bullshitting in a comment anymore and pretending I like the blog or the discussion they are having. I just seemed to have noticed it more and more lately, and sometimes I get so frustrated when I know the person commenting does not agree with whatever it is, but then write a comment/post that totally contradicts what they really think - because they are to scared to tell the person the truth on how they really feel. I have certain blogs I read to be nosey, not because I really care about the person writing it (don't get me wrong I don't necessarily hate the blogger), but because I am naturally a nosey person.

Having spent time with Linda (school friend) the other night, though we had not seen each other for 9 or 10 years, we got on like we had not had that break.... - that to me is a true friendship. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves and immediate family we sometimes forget we have friends out there that really do care :)

Anyway thats my bitch session over, I have been spending some more money on make-up etc.... but hey I didn't know we were going to Aussie then lol. 

I said a while ago, I was going to vlog some more, well then I got sick, and to be honest it has taken me this long to come right again - so on my agenda for next week is a vlog :)

Anyway thats about it for now.... catch you all real soon, one more busy week of doing assignments and then things quieten down a little, though study for exams will be a top priority. 


  1. Feijoa's…yum…we love 'em too…planted some in our garden and can't wait till they fruit!!

    1. We tried planting some trees but never worked out here in Rotorua, my ex has heaps... shame he lives 3 hours away, or I would raid his tree lol

  2. Is it May ... really! Almost half the year flown by. Just shows how important it is to live life to the fullest possible :) Can't believe your holiay in Aus is coming up so fast.

    I am eating raw celery sticks. Never thought I woul ever eat them this way ... not only are they yummy but constipation gone. hat an easy cure for me. ... who knew!

    I'm still sewing like a crazy woman.


    1. I know, I am sure I have slept through some months lol. I have phases with celery sticks, summer I like, winter I don't for some reason lol

  3. I've stayed a night at that place in Surfers... that's another story but it's right between Surfers and Broadbeach. You can get the bus (or will the train be going now?) to either easily if walking is too far.

    I agree re blogging friends and I'm dying to tell someone what I really think but it's just not in me. I find it's easier to just keep out of a lot of blogs etc now.

    1. It was a lovely place by the way... yes, stay there.

    2. Think the train should be going by now, they seemed to be well on the way last year when we went. And glad it is a lovely place, got me worried then for a bit lol.

  4. I'm really sorry to hear that your Uncle passed away, but so happy that you have an awesome trip coming up to Australia to look forward to!

    Couldn't agree more about the whole 'two-faced' thing; I just think ''ugh, why BOTHER with it?!''

    1. Thanks, even though they are so far away in miles, it still feels sad, that that generation is slowly dying off.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle and that's particularly sad when you're unable to attend the funeral. I love feijoas too - my favourite but sadly, the ones we get here are imported and picked while very green so they tend to be very woody and dry - not good. You've made me all nostalgic with your images of Mount Manganui - I had all my summer holidays there as a child - lovely memories xx