Saturday, May 17, 2014

OMG what has happened to time...

I know I keep saying it, but has it been really a week since I posted....

Anyway update on "TS14plus" - I rung them on Monday and they said it was not 30% off  as it was not knitwear, well hello when something is in the middle of a rack full of clothes that look like knitwear to me, I would assume it was 30% off...... so anyway was not impressed with their service, and they way they spoke to me on the phone, so told them I would no longer be shopping with them, as there was no apology or anything, oh but they did say many people had got confused that day.... I put my post up on Facebook, and this lady posted that she was also confused by what was 30% off etc... I got a phone call from "TS14plus", head office, I think it was from Aussie, where she actually listened to my complaint, and apologised for the way I had been treated and was going to contact the Tauranga branch to make sure it does not happen again. They also offered me a $20 voucher, I asked if it could be an Aussie voucher so I can use it in Aussie, in just over 4 weeks time and they said fine.

Anyway on to me, after all this blog is all about me isn't it.... weight wise, have no idea, I am no longer weighing, I may or may not weigh at the end of the year, to see what the change will be, have the 1st Jan weight number if I want to compare.  Me getting healthy, is not about the number on the scales, they can do your head in so much. So exercise wise I am now walking 2.9km's, am stoked, my goal was to be walking 2.5km's by the time we go to Aussie, goal is now 3kms, or even more if I feel I can do it, without causing the CRPS to flare. I walk every 2nd day, so one week 4 days, the next week 3 days. By the way it is 4 weeks on Wednesday till Aussie now... :)

Assignments are all done, now just exams to go which start in 3 weeks, and then 3 week break before 2nd semester starts, and two weeks will be at the Gold Coast. 

Food wise, have not focussed on what I am eating yet, but step 1, I am going wheat free - I know doing low carb works for me, I just need to take it step by step..... I do not want what happened to me last time, happen again - I know once I get an idea in my head I go for it all out, but this time I am doing it slowly and properly, so my body can adjust in each step. 

This week, I have been spending some time on me, doing makeup everyday, just because, I got so many compliments on my make-up, think after watching 20 million blogs I think I am getting it right most of the time lol. It felt really good to take the time to do it properly, and I felt really good doing it :)

Now vlogging, I have attempted a few, a couple I took one look at them and wham had to delete them, I still have a couple to look at, and see if I can edit them into something worthwhile, I really do need practice lol. But hey got to start somewhere :). 

Oh yeah, the order from "Youshop" is still coming, it is quite slow, but I suppose it is better then buying the stuff here (if you can even get it here) at a huge price, I ordered a couple of nighties from "OneStopPlus", the other week, they arrived 8 days later, bloody brilliant :). Now I really must be on a budget, if I want spending money in Aussie :)

Anyway thats it from me for now.... I will be back to more regular posts now, the assignments are all done and in. I know I have exam study but it is not quite so full on as assignments. I think the reason it got so much this time, was because I had 3 weeks off, when I got ill and it is hard to catch up when you are behind that much. 

So have a wonderful rest of the weekend and talk in a couple of days :)


  1. Hi. Health before scales. I like that. Your walking puts me to shame. I'm still stitching away ......Happy as can be :)

  2. Am missing your blogging, stitching is good - must try and catch up soon, with a phone call. Now we are going to Aussie all our weekends away are on hold, but Coromandel is still on the cards as one of the top two places to spend a weekend, when we get back :)

  3. Love your idea, health before scales too. Great to hear that you achieved your walking goal. sure you will achieve your next one too..

  4. Thanks Jen, I am stoked I have walked this far, probably the longest walk in 3 years :)