Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 down 1 to go....

I am talking about exams of course, had a 3 hour one yesterday, a 2 hour one this morning and another one next Monday morning, then I can relax and pack for Aussie.

This time next week we will have just arrived at the Gold Coast airport.... yay - one thing I hope is that this horrible weather we have been having does not follow us to Aussie....

Davids mum is in hospital, got admitted the other day, at one stage we were not sure if we would even be going to Aussie, but she seems to be picking up again now, so it looks like our plans can go ahead. 

Tomorrow morning I have a doctors appointment to get a letter for the trip for my meds, and a few other things, then I am of to Tauranga for my hair appointment, getting the roots bleached and hopefully some sort of style, without having to cut to much off..... though my hair is pissing me off big time, I really want to grow it.

Anyway with exams and this crappy weather, I have not been doing much, hope the weather is better tomorrow for when I have to drive to Tauranga for my haircut and bleach. In Rotorua, we have had crappy weather but not nearly as bad as most of the rest New Zealand.

On that note, have a lovely day all tomorrow and those in New Zealand getting bashed around by the weather, hope things are settle for you soon.


  1. Hey Jackie - good luck for the rest of your exams !!! Holding thumbs that the ones you have written you did well in !
    Travel safely !
    Me xox

    1. Thanks, can't wait till 12pm Monday then I can really relax and enjoy packing for the trip :)

  2. Good luck with your final exam….then yay for packing for a holiday.

    1. Thanks Jen, not feeling to hopeful about this semester with the food poisoning I had half way through the semester that made me struggle trying to catch up for the rest of the semester :)