Sunday, June 15, 2014


Still 2 down, 1 to go, tomorrow at 11.30am there will be none to go...

This week, well had nice things and just horrible things happen. 

Horrible things first:
  • Well Exams of course
  • MIL in hospital (she is still in there)
  • A few really tense moments at home
  • The amount of rain is enough to make anyone feel down
Good moments:
  • Got my hair done, and it is all nearly one length, so we can really start styling it soon properly and let it all grow together to what ever length my heart desires
  • I got my eyebrows reshaped as they were looking terrible 
  • Won $35 ($AU) in lotto, this week and last week won $55 ($AU) - (I buy the lotto online and win more from the Aussie ones than the NZ ones which David buys :)
Hmmmm not many good moments, well doesn't surprise me, last week was just , well lets just keep it at just....

Well Rotorua was a little exciting on Thursday night, we had earthquakes, lots of earthquakes in fact there were 9 or hang on may have been 11. We heard most of them and felt only 3. They were all about 5 - 10 kms deep and about 2.5 - 2.9 on the richter scale, yeah ok only baby ones compared to Christchurch but hey they were still exciting, though Miss Chico did not think so, she freaked out so much, we had to give her a calming pill. Because of the soil or whatever Rotorua sits on, they were all rolling earthquakes, it was kinda weird, cause you could hear them before you felt them. 

This coming week well 1 more exam tomorrow morning, then on Tuesday I am getting my nails done and getting gel nails in an ombre, so they will last the full two weeks nicely. Then after that am having lunch with LeeAnne then home to pack, ready to leave at about 6am on Wednesday morning, fly out at lunchtime, and hit the Gold Coast airport at about 2.30pm, so a good time, pick up the car and drive about 30 minutes to the apartment, then head out and get some groceries, we will do what we did last time, have breakfast at home, then have 1 main meal out, which will prob be early afternoon and then something light for dinner, which we will have at home as well more than likely. 

I will be doing vlogs but not sure of the internet package we will have (have to pay for it where we are staying, in fact most places in the Gold Coast you have to pay as an extra), anyway depending on the package will depend on if I upload them or not, or they will be uploaded when back otherwise - but will do a photo post  some days anyway :)

So on that note, am about to have a shower to warm up, then hit the study, study study...... and will hopefully come on here on Tuesday and show you my nails :)

Have a lovely Sunday all :)


  1. Good luck with the rest of your exams and I'm so sorry to hear about the earthquakes; frightening! I think I'd need a calming pill too. What a nuisance about all the rain. I know we need it but it just makes getting out and about so difficult xx

  2. Horrible about the earthquakes but exciting that you will be here today !!
    Give me shout when you have some free time and I'll try to meet you somewhere - things a bit up in the air at the moment with everything happening at home but will see what I can do.
    Lotsa hugs xox

  3. Thinking of you. Hope you are having a good time.