Friday, June 6, 2014

Been an interesting week....

First off another proud moment with the twins, Steph got her full drivers license this week, so that means she can drive with people in the car and can drive 24 hours a day etc.... and Chris got his restricted driving license today, so that means no more L plates for my car ever again, this means Chris can drive by himself, between the hours of I think 5am and 10pm. He thinks he can use my car when he feels like it hmmmmm he might have to think again, he has got some good savings so he can afford his own car lol. Am really proud of them both :).

Less than 2 weeks till we hit the Gold Coast, but before I can get to excited about that, I have 3 exams to sit :(. 

Walking has taken a bit of a back seat currently due to studying, I need all my energy for the exams, but I still managed to get to just over 4 k's so am stoked with that, last night I was looking what was in a 2k vicinity of where we are staying, and there are quite a few things so plan to do quite a bit of walking while there cause the weather should be perfect for me and my CRPS :)

Anyway thats it for me for now... 

Have a fantastic awesome wonderful weekend :) 


  1. Congrats to Steph and Chris - you have every right to feel proud !!!
    Good luck with your exams !
    Me xox

  2. Congrats to Steph and Chris, big proud mummy moment for sure x
    Good luck for the exams, a holiday to look forward to at the end so I am sure you'll blitz them xx