Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coming to an end..... but aiming for a new beginning :)

After a days rest, felt slightly better, so on Friday we went to "Byron Bay Lighthouse", where we saw some amazing whales and dolphins - it was so beautiful just being able to watch them swimming around in their natural habitats, and the whales well one in particular gave us a spectacular show for about 30 minutes, just splashing around and breaching. It makes me even more frustrated when I see how the States etc treat the whales in their Seaworlds.

After that we had a quick look around Byron Bay, where I got the final presents, and then we went to "Crystal Castle", it was a beautiful relaxing place :)

We have now done all the things we wanted to do which involved plenty of walking, which I am happy about as my body is getting pretty sore - but hey I achieved so much it was worth it, and that my folks is all I am going to talk about with my CRPS :)

Today we are catching up with another blogger Linda, and this afternoon we are going to see "SolAira at Jupiter's Casino"

Tomorrow we have nothing planned, do want to go and have a look at the shop "Dracula's Haunted House" and maybe a game of putt putt somewhere, and we still want to do a bit of a drive around still :).

Monday David is going to have a look around the "Gold Coast War Museum", I find history boring sorry, so I will drop him of there, and I will go and have a look around "Robina Town Centre"

Then Tuesday not much planned may go back and have another look at "Harbourtown Outlet Centre" to see if there is anything we missed and pack ready to leave Wednesday, where we get back to Rotorua about midnight. 

Photos/Videos will go up on my return end of next week sometime.


  1. So glad you're having good good time, sorry I'm not up to catching up this time round, but please keep resting and looking after yourself ok? :)

    1. No worries, there is always next year, as we are certainly coming back again same time next year :)

  2. Trouble with holidays they are too soon over. At least you have had a good time.


  3. Yip, but we will be back this time next year, and hopefully for 3 weeks next time :)

  4. So glad we got to catch up. I hope you enjoyed the show on Saturday and that the last couple of days are all that you want them to be.
    Travel safely !
    Me xox