Sunday, June 1, 2014

I did it....

Yesterday I walked 4.15km's - I was so happy and stoked....

Anyway the other day my subscription monthly box from "Vegan Cuts" arrived, it comes from overseas and is about $40 (NZ$), I ordered the "Beauty Box", I love that it is cruelty free- 'Each box contains a mix of 4-7 full and sample size cruelty-free must-haves, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare. You won't find any products that have been tested on animals or contain animal by-products, so you can feel beautiful inside and out. Compassion never looked so good!' Anyway onto what I got, oh and postage time wasn't to bad, think it took about 10 days to get here from the States.... They don't tell you the values of the products on the card, but where I can find a price I will add it :).

This months theme is called "THE TEMPERATURE IS RISING'
Anyway first up was the "Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques - Lash-strnegthening Mascara" 
'Made with our exclusive blend of vitamins, herbs and extracts like Organic Horsetail, which contains the highest amounts of bio-available silica to stimulate hair growth, and Organic Nettle, which is effective against hair loss. Use daily to nourish and protect your lashes!'
$9 (US$)

Next up - "Gourmet Body Treats - Raw Finishing Powder"
'This Raw finishing powder is the perfect last step to your makeup application. Our finishing powder melts into your skin infusing it with light, giving the look you a flawless finish. Apply the raw finishing powder over your Foundation to give it extra staying power. Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, our finishing powder gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores without buildup. Added extracts calm and hydrate stressed skin.
All product made by Gourmet Body Treats are Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, GMO free,  natural and made with certified organic ingredients'.
$32 (US$)

"Tallulah Jane" - A small sample size, this is quite nice actually :)
'Creamy Jasmine notes flirt with heady Tuberose for a scent that is timeless yet nouveau'.

"Skinagain - Youth Natural Anti-Aging Cream"
'To aid in the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and loss of elasticity'. 
$64 (US$)

"Sevi - Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray"
Light body + defined curls (minus stiff crunchy hair with white residue). Spray lightly over hair, run your fingers through, close eyes and imagine the blue green ocean. Life smells awesome!
$4.00 (US$)

"Goddess Garden Organics - Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen"
will allow you to enjoy happy, carefree days in the sun!  It is a safe and effective organic, natural sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF 30, is water resistant (40 minutes), free from chemical sunscreens, biodegradable and has a sheer finish. Enjoy a sunny day!
$14.95 (NZ$)

So not counting the perfume and the sunscreen as they were just a sample size, it is valued at $109 (US$) for about $40 (NZ$), so not a bad haul and better still they are all animal friendly, and stuff I would not normally try. I will keep ordering this box. Oh and here is the card that comes with the package.

I have a NZ box still to do which will probably be up by Monday morning, that is "VioletBox" and also am waiting on my "GemBox" to arrive which is a NZ jewellery box, I love them because it is stuff I may have not heard off and it is like Christmas every month lol. GemBox, I am hoping to do as a vlog, was going to do this one as a vlog, but could not be bothered making myself look gorgeous :)


  1. Looks and sounds as though you got value for your dollars.

  2. It as good value, much better than the NZ boxes :)

  3. Your walking is amazing.What a change you are experiencing thanks to being determined and working hard.


    1. Thanks Margie, am feeling pretty proud of doing just on 4K's

  4. Congrats on the long walk. I think I remember when you found it difficult to do 1km. I love the box of goodies from the USA. What a great selection of interesting things that are all so useful. I love how none of the products have been tested on animals - so very unnecessary xx

    1. Thanks Charlie, being animal friendly is why I loved this box so much and don't mind paying the extra in postage to receive it from the States :)