Thursday, June 26, 2014

Well here we are again, where were we, oh thats right up to Day 5...

Last Sunday, we went to Byron Bay after the Broadbeach Market, which I thought was heaps bigger, hence it was small and 30 minutes later we had seen it all, so decided to head out to Byron Bay, where I purchased a Cloud Nine micro hair curler for 60% off,  anyway there is this awesome little shop there, which sells all animal friendly makeup and lots of brands from the States, apparently there is only 2 shops in the whole of Aussie that sell brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced etc.... anyway they were having a special on the curlers so had to grab one, while at Byron Bay I also purchased 2 handbags, and a few other things, in fact most of my spending happened at Byron Bay lol. We then went to the lighthouse, but it was so busy, we could not get a carpark except for right down the bottom and there was no way I could walk that distance up a hill..... we plan to go back again tomorrow (Friday) for another look around and another go at the light house.

Day 6 (Monday) - we went Whale Watching and the Q1 Skypoint, the whale watching was ok, we saw 4 whales but not for very long, was a little disappointed we didn't see more but hey 4 is better than 1,2 and 3 :). After that as it was just around the corner we did the Skypoint, it was a beautiful day and we even saw a couple of whales from there as well, we had lunch/dinner up there. We tend to have a breakfast at home, then 1 other meal early afternoon, and that sees us through for dinner :). 

Day 7 (Tuesday) - we went to Currumbin Wildlife Park, which was pretty good, we had been there 2 years ago, still the same, the koalas are cute and we saw a koala, in the hospital getting some antibiotics... They have an animal hospital there where they fix koalas, kangaroos etc, when they have been hit by a car, or a dog attack etc.... After that we went to the Surf Museum, that was pretty good, we got this cute little Kombi Van from there :)

Day 8 (Wednesday) - we went and did the shopping malls, buying gifts for the family, that was really tiring, and last night I was screwed, my CRPS had, had enough and everything in my body flared up.... we were suppose to go back to Byron Bay and Crystal Mountain today, but I really needed a day of downtime... so a friend (Michelle) from New Zealand who now lives here is coming to visit, hopefully tomorrow we will head to Byron Bay and Crystal Mountain - in hindsight I should have used my wheelchair yesterday but hey to late now.... I did manage to score some good clothes in their sales though, as they have end of financial year end of June, so heaps of sales on. 

Day 9 (Thursday - Today) - we met up with an old school friend who I have known since I was 5, we both started school the same day, anyway she has recently moved to the Gold Coast, and her house today went unconditional in New Zealand, so that means she will certainly be moving here for good now - am so jealous.

Tomorrow we will be doing Byron Bay Lighthouse, and Crystal Mountain, then on Saturday, we will catch up with Linda... and also hope to catch up with Michelle again before we head back :)

You really should buy the Entertainment book, if you come over here, we have saved hundreds by using it, for things like eating out, Whale Watching, Currumbin Wildlife Park, etc.....

We are already planning next years trip, we have worked out what we need to save each week, so this time next year we will be back.... I think also we need to have a serious discussion about moving here, my CRPS pain is so much better not being on the icy cold mornings, and with the other things I am doing to improve my CRPS, I want to be able to have the best life possible, and if that means moving to somewhere where my CRPS is not going to flare everyday, then so be it. So some big decisions will be made over the next 12 months.


  1. So glad to hear you are having a good time although sad that your CRPS has flared up again. Hope you feel better soon !
    See you tomorrow !
    Me xox

    1. Hi Linda, after a days rest feeling heaps better, which is good - and we have cruisy days now so time to just relax and enjoy the beauty the Gold Coast has to offer :)

  2. What a wonderful time you seem to be having, and some bargain shopping too. Hope the CRPS settles down and you enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    1. HI Jen, yip having an awesome time, just a shame all good things have to come to an end :(