Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

Thought I had better do an update - might do bullet points, am to tired to do a full post - but am going to do a vlog post on Friday or the weekend with more details.

  • Update on moving to Aussie - my CRPS won't be an issue/David can get 6 months of work unpaid, so if it all goes belly up, he will still have a job. 
  • Will definitely be going to Aussie next year, a long story but I have been gifted $3000 so that is going towards the trip, we are thinking of staying 3 weeks next time
  • Got my nails done today, was not going to get them done, but hated them all yukky 
  • The plane that got shot down the other week, had my dad's second cousin on there, she was coming with her partner to New Zealand to see his son (her step son sort off). My cousins also had friends on board as well - very sad, especially when it is close to home, a lot of the people came from areas where a lot of my extended family live.
  • Finished shifting Gwen into her room in the retirement village, her unit is empty, ready to be renovated before the next person moves in, hope it sells quick. Its been a tough time for David, because very waking moment he has been organising the place and clearing it out, selling things etc... but all done - so we are hoping to go to Tauranga on the weekend :)
  • The old blogging world is buzzing again about professional blogs/vlogs and what defines sponsoring of a blog, personally I believe a sponsored blog is when they are sent gifts regardless of if they are asked to blog/vlog about it or not, because lets face it companies send gifts in the hope they will blog/vlog about it. But apparently sponsored blog/vlogs are only where the company sends the gifts and then pays you to do like maybe three posts about something. In each case they are suppose to give their honest opinion, which I have my doubts they actually do. But if they are going to blog/vlog about something should they not check reviews from other people etc and see what they are - now why I am saying this, is there was a vlog I was watching, and she was being sponsored for her vlog (as in getting the item for free and also getting paid for doing it, and it was not a cheap item), anyway she was giving it high praise but by doing a quick search as I was once looking at it, and found terrible feedback everywhere for it, hence why I did not buy it in the end. Some of these bloggers/vloggers are highly respected and because of her they sold a few by looking at the comments, surly as a blogger/vlogger would you not research the product they are offering first, everywhere you looked it had bad reviews about breaking down etc.... I would like to think people would do their own research but obviously some of them have that much respect in these bloggers/vloggers that what they hear they believe. I know it is their income but hey if it wasn't for their likers they would not be making any money, surly if they respect their likers like they say they do, wouldn't they turn down promoting stuff that has bad feedback with not only the product but also the company. I actually wrote a comment and warned people to research the product before purchasing as the feedback on the product and company was not very good. These bloggers/vloggers have tens of thousands if not hundred of thousands people viewing their vlogs daily. I know if it was me I would never ever do a blog/vlog on stuff with bad feedback like this particular item... because I would respect my 'fans' to much for that... I have seen this sort of thing happen quite regularly on blogs/vlogs, and find it sad that people get sucked in.... and my other bitch session now again on blogs/vlogs - I was watching another one where this girl gets heaps sent to her from her fans, homemade gifts etc, and she goes on how much she treasures the gifts, has her PO Box in a prominent position and asks people to send her mail etc - well the other day she was having a clean out, and was giving a whole lot of stuff away and all the stuff was in a box ready to give away, she vlogged about it and many of her fans said they saw there stuff in the box they had sent her, which she basically called junk - whoops wrong move if you are going to vlog, don't do one where you say you are getting rid of junk, and then your viewers see there gift they sent you in a box you are giving to the op shop or whoever. If they don't want gifts etc from there likers, then don't advertise your PO Box in the description, if companies want to get hold of you, give them an email  but by advertising your PO Box and saying you like receiving stuff, then certainly don't do what this person did and vlog about getting rid of junk - she lost a lot of subscribers because of this booboo. 
These blogger/vloggers make bloody good money, and get sent heaps of stuff, yes a lot of it is good, but when there are things that are so obviously bad, surly they should have respect to their likers/followers and not try and sell them junk.... I know people should research but what concerns me is that a lot of the stuff they vlog about is aimed at younger people, and some of these kids are so impressionable with these vloggers that whatever they say they will believe. 

Anyway thats my thoughts for today :)


  1. Hi

    I was thinking about your move to OZ, you could also consider moving to Sydney, it also has a mild temperature and more job opportunities for you both?

    Cheers Peta

  2. I'm so sorry you had relatives killed on that Malaysian flight. It is just so tragic. Everyone in Australia is feeling it deeply as there were so many Aussies on board and lots of them, children. I'm so pleased you're planning another holiday in Oz! And three weeks is so much better than two! That is not good about the blogger getting readers to send her things and then she puts them on her blog as junk! She may have lost herself a few readers! xx

  3. Great to hear all seems to be going ahead for your move to Aussie.

  4. Hi Jackie, did you see this article in Stuff today.