Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First off.....

I got a phone-call this morning regarding this website and Fashion show - It is the MADRINA FASHION SHOW - click 'here' for their Facebook page - and this what they are about from their Facebook page :)

A Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Event
To find a cure for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Challenging aspiring fashion designers from around the world, to create outfits that counter the hypersensitivity of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

And to top it off the winning designer was Yeonjae Choi from New Zealand:

Anyway onto other things, I have tried curling my hair twice, ok it is not quite long enough but hey I need to practice, the first time was a disaster and I was left with a few burns on my scalp and face where the iron touched - whoops lol - anyway onto the second attempt which was today, not once did I burn my scalp or face and here are the photos...

Yes my hair needs to be a bit longer, but my hair is usually as flat as a pancake and it did give me some height etc.... not to bad for a second attempt :)
Excuse the red face, am not sure why it is showing up so red, it must be the lighting... and no makeup either :)

The back was hard to do so just did a few curls and it was not bad considering - as my hair gets longer the curls will get more defined - I am aiming for the beachy curls look :)

Not sure if I mentioned that I got a speeding ticket the other month, it was my first one ever and it was for going 55km's in a 50k area - and it cost me a whole $30. Bit sad that I got one, was hoping to go all my life without receiving one at all. It was from a camera so no demerit points which is the bonus :)

Have had a rough couple of days, MIL got rushed into hospital on Sunday night, at 1.30am we got the phone call - David went there and was told to expect the worst as they were not going to do resus. Anyway I arrived at about 4.15am, and she had picked up amazing once they got the oxygen going and other stuff started working... she is still in hospital and will be for a few more days, the doctors and nurses were amazed she survived they kept saying when they came in how she looked like a different person, she is one tough women :). She had fluid on the lungs/heart etc  - which is a regular thing happening with her lately, and of course each time it takes its toll on her heart. 

Anyway thats about it for now... have a great week all and catch you soon :)


  1. The curls look cute Jaxx !!!!
    Sorry about the speeding ticket but at $30 definitely a cheap mistake !!!
    Have the best day.
    Me xox

  2. Love the waves (curls) in your hair…looks great.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. When the phone rings in the middle of the night I always fear the worst. I love your hair curled! I have flat, fine, thin hair and I've always wanted hair like Jennifer Aniston. BTW...I saw her in a restaurant in LA and seeing her looking so gorgeous only made me more envious of her complete package xx