Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is it really July....

Well here I am back in New Zealand, the one positive it is not raining, though looking out the window, I can not imagine it won't stay fine for long...

Anyway what have I been up to, and what am I going to be doing...

First off, I am on a no buying mission, I am only allowed to buy things I need, not things I want, I am saving for my next trip to Aussie, I purchased enough clothes in Aussie, and have clothes in my wardrobe I have not even worn that I can wear, I have enough shoes, I have enough make-up and other bits and bobs, that I am sure I can do this :)

I got my exam results and passed all 3 exams, I was surprised, I felt really negative about the exams, and one I certainly thought I had failed, as I had failed an assignment, (first time ever), and only completed just over half the exam as I ran out of time, so figured there was no way in hell I would pass, but I did - I keep going back and checking the result to make sure they have not made a mistake, thats how sure I was I would fail lol. Speaking of study, next year I will have completed my Bachelor of Health Science - major Rehab, as well as a Diploma in Arts - Major Sociology or I can change that to a Bachelor of Arts, rather than the diploma, majoring in Social Policy, and minor Sociology and only have 5 more papers to complete for that, so pretty much at the end of next year I will be 1 paper away from having the 2 degrees, which is what I think I will aim for. That means I can work for about a year in the field of rehab in NZ (before I head to Aussie to live). I know it is not the Social Work degree I really wanted, but due to two placements, and unable to be doing them currently the Bachelor of Health Science - major Rehab is the closest I can get to a Social Work degree. I did want to work in the area of rehab anyway with Social Work, so not to bad in the end :). 

Since back in New Zealand, my pain has increased again.... :(, I have made a decision that for me, I am moving to Aussie, my goal is 2-3years, so my goal is to be over there for winter 2017 at the latest...

Once my degree(s) are completed I will start the job hunting, another reason for the 2-3 years, is that I want to be off all my meds, which will take about 2 years in total.... I need to make sure I do everything properly and only do it once, I can not afford to make mistakes. I also want to make sure I have enough money to live over there for 6 months and to be able to buy a cheap car, if I cannot get a job straight away. While I am finishing my degree(s), I am going to start reducing all the meds now, and that will mean less side effects and I should be ready for part time, if not full time work at the end of next year :)

So you are all probably wondering where David fits into this all, well he has to make his decision, he is tempted but needs to think through all the things, he knows for me and my CRPS it is the best option for me, he has said he will think about it and make a decision in the next couple of months. For David the move will be a lot more scarier for him, he has been in the same job (well company) for 25 + years, and his lived in Rotorua all his life, and lived in this house for about 20 odd years, so a change for him is pretty scary I would say. 

Anyway didn't buy to much over in Aussie, clothes I got were all in the sales, will show those as I wear them... but this is what I did buy :)

Yes I purchased some bags.... but for everyone I now buy, I have to sell one of my other ones, so now I will have to sell 3 of my older ones, I have so many they never wear out and still look like brand new.... 

Of course I had to buy a couple of Kombi things, I got the little yellow bus when we went to the Surf Museum, and the other one is kinda cool and quirky, it is actually a money box :)

Below is the "Clarisonic" I purchased, have used it and it makes my face feels really nice, and my other big purchase was the "Cloud 9, Micro Wand", which I got for nearly half price as they were having a special - have yet to try it :). 

Of course I had to get some hair clips and headbands... the flower clip (the one by itself) is actually a real orchid covered in resin, it is a clip or a necklace, however you want to wear it :)

I got a couple of bangle thingees for my wrist.... nothing really exciting there lol

Another couple of headbands, love these ones :)

Below is 3 charms for my Pandora bracelet, now it is full, am going to get something to clean them all (as in Rotorua, because of the sulphur everything goes black here), and then put them all on my bracelet in an order I like them :). 

Of course I had to get my "Havaianas", so got 2 pairs to last till next year, and I got a pair of jelly shoes, they were only $5 and I couldn't resist them for that price, they will go with the pink leggings I got lol. I also got 2 pairs of Converse, the flowery ones have thick soles, so I am a little taller...

So that folks is about it for now...., the next 2 or so years will have many positive changes happening, like finishing not 1 but 2 degrees, coming off my meds, eating healthier, first start for that is, is going wheat free - I am not weighing in at all, to me it is not about what the scales say, for me it will be the changes in the pain I have, as wheat and inflammation do not go to well together, and how my clothes fit, and the fitness I am gaining- so watch this space :)

I have set up a countdown timer in the middle of my page up the top, below the title, I know it seems many days away - ok it is lol, but it gives me a focus every time I look at it, and on the sidebar ------> I have set up yearly goals to keep me focused, will add some more goals I am sure as I think of them, but it all seems so real now I have written it down :)


  1. Hi

    You sound so positive! congratulations on the exam results,



    1. Thanks Peta, for the first time in years I finally feel like I have goals that are achievable :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your results - well done !!!!
    Good luck with moving forward - I know how much you enjoyed being on the coast because of less pain !
    Have the best day.
    Me sos

  3. Obviously the climate in Aus is much better for you, if it means you can have a more fulfilling and painless (or at least significantly reduced pain) life then it seems to be a no brainer.

    I can understand David's reluctance/fear, I don't do change well either and it is a huge decision BUT, if his choice is a life with you where you can get out and about and are not suffering, compared to the status quo and having to fit everything around CRPS then he would be mad not to go. What is the worst that could happen and if it all turns to custard, I am sure he would get a job back at his current company. He is still young enough to live and take a chance, it is just that he hasn't had to before and is no doubt petrified. I hope he goes with you :-)