Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things are looking more positive....

Have been having a ball selling thing on Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook pages, list it, a few hours later it is sold, then usually within 24 hours I have got the money, without having to leave the house :). Am going to have a major clean out with stuff now. This money is going to be my spending money for our next trip :). 

I am on a 'no buying' spree... (hmmm can't think of the right word lol) - anyway am not looking at any emails coming through that could tempt me to spend money, I delete them as soon as I see them in my inbox, before I can read them. I would like to not spend for at least 1 month and then may try for 2 months. But I am also planning on the fact that I will be moving to Aussie, so will need any money I can get. I know it doesn't seem much spending $20 here and there, but it is surprising how quick all these little spends add up. 

I have emailed the Embassy to find out what I need to do re: CRPS and moving to Aussie, no point in planning everything, if they won't accept me, they said it should not be an issue but will get back to me once they have checked it out properly. So assuming it won't be an issue, I will keep planning for the move. 

I am coming of my meds, first step is the methadone, I am hoping to be off it completely by end of this year, from there I will just keep eliminating the next one and so on... has my pain increased yes, but am not sure if that is from the med decrease or the cold weather, time will tell - but I am going to do this, I am learning how to breathe through the pain and using meditation. 

Has anyone seen, well I am sure most of you have they way everyone is talking about it 'Orange is the New Black', have only watched the first two episodes from series 1, but am loving it and so many people have said great things about it :)

This week I have managed to get some really good study done, which makes me feel good. Tomorrow David and I are hopefully going out for brunch, then we might have a walk around 'Rainbow Springs'. David and I have not spent anytime together since we have got back, he has been doing family stuff. 

Chris is in Taupo this weekend with his dad, doing an advanced diving course, and doing a river dive and a night dive, so he is in his element. Steph and her boyfriend Rob are going to meet them for dinner tonight, as she works weekends, she does not see her dad much anymore. Next week I must go and get my eyes checked, it has been two years and as I am an AA member, we get a free eye test every two years. I need some new glasses, so think I will get my measurements and order some glasses online for a fraction of the price - all about saving money lol. 

Anyway thats about it for now, I am trying to keep positive about life in general, I know compared to some my life challenges seem small, but they are still my challenges and they are important to me. And I also am holding onto the belief that what will be will be, and that means if moving to Aussie is the right decision, it will all fall into place :). 

Have a happy Sunday all :)


  1. We have Orange is the new black on Netflix but we've not watched it yet... we intend to though.

    I'm glad you are feeling better about things and yes, you are right - $20 here and there sure does add up. Stop spending, it makes a big difference to save it up.

  2. Glad to see you are feeling better. xxx catch up soon.

  3. Keep challenging yourself…they are important and help with all those positives we believe in.

    Keep smiling.