Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just a quickie....

Well after a few rough weeks, I have had to make a decision and I am going to be increasing the methadone again.... I tried but it was not the right time.

Symptom's of the CRPS pre: methadone were coming back, the pain was getting unbearable, the burning was increasing, I was focusing so much on the pain that my study was falling behind. I started dropping things, I fell over twice today as my balance was becoming unstable, all things that were happening before the methadone. It now makes me realise how much the methadone was helping me.... I could no longer leave the house in case I fell in the mall, or supermarket - not a good look trust me ;)

So after many tears and a talk with David, we have decided to increase the methadone again, and then see how things are in a month or two.

I feel felt like a failure, but am slowly getting over that....

How does this affect Aussie etc, well hopefully nothing will really change there. Anyway just a little update, will do a vlog in a couple of days time when I am up to talking without turning into a blubbering mess :)

Oh and to top things MIL has gone back into hospital again this morning... :(


  1. "Hugs". I know you are disappointed but you need to weigh up the pros & cons which you have done & made the best choice for you & your health at the moment. I hope MIL is ok.

  2. I can hear your disappointment…maybe another time.
    Hope mother in law is ok.

  3. I'm so sorry you've had a difficult time. It seems that living with this condition is such a roller-coaster. I hope the increase in your medication helps you with your pain management and has you being able to do the things you want to do like go for a walk or visit the mall xx

    1. Thanks, yip wish we had an illness that was one basket fits all, but how boring would that be lol.