Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A big decision....

Our weekend away at Napier was brilliant, though Sunday night I was so sore and nauseous, a side effect from the intense pain. The good part it only took me 1 day to recover, so was stoked with that. I did miss the puppies though so Chris kept sending me photos of Chico and Rusty... here are two of them :)

Rusty trying to look innocent playing with Chico's toys

Chico enjoying her run with Courtney (Chris's Girlfriend)

I got a bit of a scare yesterday as Rusty was pooing out a little blood, and had a little diarrhoea, but after doing a little googling with Dr Google I felt a little better, as it could be stress, or a plant or stick he may have eaten, the colour of the blood was not dark or anything, so observed him for the day and as the day went on the blood stopped and his poo's became harder, he is nearly back to normal poo's this morning, so it could have been stress with leaving him for the weekend, or he may have eaten a stick or something, but anyway am still keeping a close eye on him. he was drinking, playing and eating normal so that was another reason I was not to concerned :). We were tossing up about leaving him for the weekend, but we had booked the trip ages ago, and he was being left with Chris and Courtney who were more than capable of looking after him. 

Yesterday I made a decision, I pulled out of my papers at Massey for this semester, with trying to come of meds earlier on and then mother in law passing away, I got to far behind, and the last few weeks I was not sleeping as I was so stressed about it all, so made the decision yesterday to pull out. If I did it yesterday I could still pull out with no academic penalty. I will be doing 2 summer papers but they are both year 1 so not to much stress will be there. 

As it happened it was a good decision, as the lady who is going to be my tutor for my nail course rang last night, and can fit me in next week, it will be over about 3 weeks to complete it, as I am not doing it in 1 block, which suits her and I better. So that will be completed before the summer papers arrive, I will then do the gel course and I will be then ready to begin to set up the business. So by Feb next year I want to be started. For the first course I am doing, there is 1 open book exam, 1 mutli-choice exam and 1 practical exam. I am hoping to do the gel course as soon as possible as well, as then it will be just practice, practice and practice :). 

This though now puts me in a predicament a little, as next year we are planning to go to Aussie for 3 weeks, which meant we would be coming back on the 8th July, but we are now possibly looking at just over 2 weeks, as there is the Beauty Expo on in Auckland on the 4th & 5th July, and now that I will be qualified and have a business I can go to it, and see what all the new stuff coming out is etc... And it is only once a year and apparently it is well worth going too, so we are now thinking we will come back on the Friday beforehand and then stay in Auckland for the night and I can go to the expo on the Saturday and then we can head home Saturday evening. We had not booked our return tickets and with it being well in advance, I am sure taking a few days of the accommodation won't be an issue either :)

Anyway so thats about it with me for now - have a happy day all :)


  1. It sounds like things are starting to come together for you !!!
    Have a wonderful day !
    Me xox

    1. Thanks Lynda, yip it is..... now just 1 more major decision to make and then we are all go :)

  2. ohh it seems to be all go with the nail course…must be exciting for you to see it all come together.

    Glad Rusty is ok.

    1. Yip it is, and I have also enrolled to do the gel nail course as well, so no stopping me now :)

  3. I've glad you're having a good time in Napier. I'm sure Rusty is being very well cared for. So many decisions regarding your courses but it sounds like it's all coming together xx