Saturday, October 25, 2014

Busy busy busy...

Well yes I have been slack again, but I have a good excuse, I really do......

I have started my nail tech training, Training will be completed in about 2 weeks time at the latest, and then it is practice, practice and practice for 6 months, then I have to do 1 multi choice exam - which requires an 80% pass 1 open book exam which requires a 100% pass, and 1 practical exam which I think is a 75% pass, and then I will be qualified, in the meantime I am able to start the business and use it as my training, so far I have done 1 set of gel nails on someone and 1 set on myself, I have done 1 manicure and 1 nail polish, Monday though it is a long weekend I am doing my first set of french tip acrylics and if I pass that then I can go for it. For now I will do it at a cheaper rate as I will be in training. I have been practicing doing art work etc on plastic tips - getting better each day :).

I am loving it, one thing I did not realise how expensive it was going to be setting it up but once you are set up the stuff lasts a long time, providing you look after it all properly. I have just ordered a manicure desk, which will hopefully arrive next week, some other bits and bobs I need. I do have some gel polishes but that will be the next most expensive spend at about $20 - $30 each wholesale, I would really like minimum 60 Gel polishes to start with - yes as I am a business well going to be, I can now get everything at wholesale prices yay. Have about 6 places that I am now signed up with so that gives me a good variety. Am thinking I might practice some Christmas nails, so that I can offer them coming up to Christmas. I am going to order 3 or 4 gel polishes from 3 or 4 different companies and see which ones I like to work with the best. 

Depending on how the nail business goes, will depend on if I will do the part time makeup course in the 2nd half of 2015. We are going to have to come back from our trip to the Gold Coast a bit earlier, as they have the huge beauty show on the weekend we were going to be away, so now we will be away just over 2 weeks rather than 3, but thats ok. We will come back on a Friday, stay in Auckland Friday night, and then go to the Beauty Show on the Saturday in Auckland and then drive home Saturday night. That means we will not be going to Sydney/Blue Mountains for a few days like we had planned - sorry Anne. But the show is only on once a year, so have go as it shows all the new stuff coming in etc....

Am I tired, hell yes, my body is aching but I am ignoring it as much as I can, I am enjoying what I am doing, when it comes to doing clients, I will have to review how I do it, with trial and error, like maybe allow 2 hours for a client, which means if for some reason I am not having a good day I can go a bit slower without putting to much pressure on, or it means I could have a 30min break between clients etc etc.... time will tell.

Rusty is settling in well, will try and get some photos up tomorrow of Chico and Rusty, this weekend is a long weekend, but I am studying, and Monday I will be doing the acrylic nails. I am so glad I dropped the Massey uni papers, there is no way I could have done that as well. 

Next weekend David is taking the final of the stuff in Steph's room to his sisters and brothers place to sort out, (the last of his mums stuff) which means that hopefully the room will be a lot emptier and I can set the manicure desk up in there till Chris leaves in Dec/Jan to live with his dad. At the moment it is in the dinning room area, which is fine cause I can keep an eye on the puppy. 

So for the rest of this weekend I will be studying, playing around with nails, designing the business cards etc, setting up the Facebook page and all the other social media pages needed to get the business up and going, as for the practical side for now I am just going to potter around with the nails, do Steph's nails and her friends etc till I feel confident enough, and still have the plan to be in full business come late January/Early Feb 2015. But I will do nails at a discount rate for now as I practice for others.

So thats where I am at, and why I have not been around :)


  1. ohh my its all go for you…setting up a business and training sounds exhausting, but so happy you're loving it.

  2. So glad to hear it's all falling into place even if it means no Syd trip :( maybe another time lol

  3. That's all so exciting. It sounds like you're loving it. That's great. I'm not sure how good I'd be at doing people's nails - you need such a steady hand! xx

  4. Now if I just lived closer you could practice on my nails!!! Good luck with your new venture.