Saturday, October 11, 2014

Napier for the weekend

Before we knew we were getting a puppy David and I had booked a weekend away to "Napier", which is really no big deal as Chris and his girlfriend are looking after Chico and Rusty. 
Anyway arrived Friday evening, dropped all our gear off, then went to "Antonios Pizza and Pasts Parlour" an Italian place for dinner, what is good is we are staying right across from the ocean at "Beach Front Motel" and not only is it close to the ocean but also close into town. I had a scollop, ham and garlic pizza and David had a pizza which had 4 different pizzas in it, 2 slices (1/4)of each. Can not remember what they were but it looked nice, my pizza was brilliant, we head back to Rotorua tomorrow.
Today we went to the Farmers market, which was really small so tomorrow (Sunday) we will go to the Hastings one which was much bigger, after that we went to the "Gypsy Fair", which was no different to the one in Rotorua, well it would be as it is the same fair ;). Then we went for lunch to the "Boat Ramp Restaurant" for a brunch, the food was beautiful, and could not fault it. We then went to the lookout, which was pretty cool.

And an outfit of the day :)

Headband - "The Rainbow Shop" - Byron Bay Australia
Skater Dress - "ASOS"
Leggings - "Farmers"
Jandels - Havaianas
After that we went to do the "Napier Prison Tour", which was ok, they use it as a backpackers as well now, so it has lost  lot of its authenticity, when I went about 19 years ago, we could have a proper look at the rooms and see the graffiti etc... but most of the rooms are locked up with curtains on the windows on the doors. 

Below "Terry Clark" was New Zealand's biggest drug ring leader ever, his nickname was Mr Big 

Teresa Cormack, was a case in new Zealand, where 15 years later they found her killer due to DNA testing. The picture of her below is a picture most New Zealanders will not forget, well at least in my generation anyway. Her killer was locked away in this prison. 

This is the sign you see as you head out towards the hanging yard, due to maori culture, pregnant women and under 5 year old children are not allowed out. I must admit it is quite an eery feeling walking out there.

Here is the hanging yard. 

So there is our Saturday at Napier. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

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