Thursday, October 16, 2014


As you know I try and buy cruelty free, well to make things easier SAFE have now come up with an App on both Android and iPhone, so what better way to buy animal friendly, when all you have to do is look on your phone to choose which brands are the best to buy.... Click 'here' to download the app.

Companies that used to be animal friendly like MAC for an example, now sell in China, which requires mandatory animal testing on all products before they will sell in China, read more about that 'here',  many companies that were once animal friendly are no longer, it is a very confusing trying to figure out what brand to buy if you are wanting to go cruelty free, hence why companies like SAFE and LEAPING BUNNY and PETA are valuable resources. Now that SAFE has the App, this now makes it so much easier to purchase cruelty free in New Zealand. 

Many companies will word their products to make it sound like they are cruelty free, hence why so many people get confused, but now with this App, shopping will be so much easier, so come on support the cruelty free companies, the more we buy cruelty free, means the more pressure we are putting on other companies to go cruelty free. No longer is it more expensive to buy cruelty free, there are many brands in a varied price range, so if you love bunnies, beagles, rats and mice then make the right choice. 


  1. That's such a great idea. Like you, I try to buy cruelty free but it's so confusing and companies are very good at hiding what they don't want us to know xx

  2. I know I commented on this but it says 'no comments'. I definitely commented on this when I commented on your Napier post - I hope you got that comment. Anyway, enough with the technical issues - I think this app is a fantastic idea and I'm definitely anti animal cruelty and companies who do mistreat animals in the making of their products should have to disclose it on the packaging xx