Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All falling into place....

Well things are all nearly in place to begin the business...... This week I will be designing the business cards etc.... and practicing some more nail stuff. Then hope to start having my first paying clients on about the 24th.... On the 18th I am getting my hair done as it looks pretty bad right now with regrowth and needs a little shaping again, speaking of hair I am planning on going this colouring now, it will take 2 sessions to get it completely right but I can live with that. That way the regrowth won't be quite so obvious....

I did two sets of acrylics on my daughter and Chris's girlfriend, they have had heaps of compliments and I have two of Stephs friends who want it done, so I have said I will do those two for free... as I would really like to get in another 3 or 4 free ones to make sure I am ok with doing french tip. 

Here are my first two attempts at acrylic french tip and sculpting french tip.... It is not as easy as it looks thats for real. Still need a bit more practice but getting there :)

I have had a ball spending money on the business, I will do photos later in the week of the setup, currently it is in the dinning room area as the spare bedroom is still cluttered. I will probably keep it in the dinning room, till Chris moves out - not sure though will see how it goes. Today I am expecting a few parcels of gel polishes, I need to have a decent variety of colours if I am going to ask for money. At the moment I am practicing art work as well.... have a lot of embellishments arriving today or tomorrow as well. I purchased a proper manicure desk and light as well, so the main things are now all purchased - it certainly is not a cheap business for a home business to set up... Depending on how the nail side of things go, will decide on if I am going to do the part time makeup course later in the year - I will learn retail, wedding and photography makeup, I think it will be a good thing still to do as then I can offer the whole package except the hair :)

I did these on my nails..... just a gel polish with a feature nail on each hand of a 3D bow :)

Puppies - they are both doing well, Rusty is certainly settled in now, he has just had his 12 weeks vaccination but still not allowed out for walks for another 5 or so weeks, in Rotorua they need to get a booster shot at 16 weeks then about 7 days after that, he will be allowed out. Chico is doing awesome, though she is not very happy at the moment, fireworks freak her out, we do give her a calmex pill which helps a little. Her and Rusty are getting on so well, a couple of times she has made Rusty squeal when playing, so when that happens she now goes into the submissive position for Rusty.

Chico before her haircut :)

Chico after her haircut - feeling much better :)

Rusty enjoying the box, the manicure desk came in

Chico feeling a little frightened with the fireworks, Rusty sleeping right by him :)

So thats whats been happening with me - happily plodding along :)


  1. So good to hear you so positive and happy - YAY for you !!!! Wishing you every success with your business.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. Love your nails….what a gorgeous colour, and that feature bow is gorgeous.

  3. The nails look great. Wishing you every success! xx

  4. Well done you. You sound so happy - and excited. Catch up soon.