Saturday, January 10, 2015

Take 2....

This post is what the last post was suppose to be...

First of Dennis (my cousins son) is still on life support, his lungs are starting to work a bit, and they are hoping tomorrow (Holland Time) they will try and wake him up a little and see what brain damage has been done, there is brain damage but to what extent we are not sure yet. All his friends held a car meeting (as he was into cars) in the McDonalds carpark opposite from the hospital and did a get together for him. It got on TV and the police once they realised what it was for allowed it to continue. This way the friends could all feel like they were involved as visiting as been restricted to his family and girlfriend, as he needs rest. 
Onto my weight, something I have been avoiding talking about, I am now heavier than what I have ever been - there said it (now that wasn't so bad was it?) - well actually it was one of the hardest things to admit, but you know what I can turn this around, have my plans, first step is to eliminate Diet Coke and drink more water, in the process of doing that now. Next step once the water is just part of my life, is to eliminate processed food and go all natural, then decrease the wheat in my diet, and have no idea after that, maybe thats all I will need to do - oh thats right there is exercise to fit in their somewhere whoops nearly forgot that :). It is only just over 5 months before we go to Aussie, I need to lose some weight and get fitter for that. Also I am planning a trip to Holland at some stage in the next couple of years, I would love to catch up with the family, its only been 35 years since I met them all :). 

Puppies are doing well, here they are snuggled up on the bed

Playing on the bed, excuse Chris's leg in the picture :)

Mr Rusty looking all innocent, and his before shot

Now his after shot, got his first haircut... apparently he didn't do to bad, but I think they say that to all the parents lol

And really need to get more photos of Miss Chico, here she is after her haircut :)

I am no longer doing my nails at this stage, it is just to hard to do your own nails especially when you have bung wrists to begin with, so on Monday all going to plan Rochelle is going to do these nails on me, but slightly shorter I think - can't wait :)

So what else, hmmmm I have decided for the nail business I am putting the acrylic side of it aside for a few months, and going to focus on the gel side and art side of nails. This I enjoy and it does not stress the wrist out to much. I will look at completing the acrylic course later in the year, if I remember right I think you have 2 years to complete the acrylic course in. Next week I am getting a proper practice hand in and will practice on there in my own time :). I was starting to stress as my wrists were hurting, but this I feel will be a good compromise. Its all trial and error at this stage.

Anyway I think thats all I have to write about for now, I say it every year but hey one day it will come true, I am going to make 2015 count - watch this blog. I have redone all my goals in the sidebar, and have added a link to my Facebook nail page if you want to check it out. So small baby steps will end up being one happy person :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, it is pretty warm here the humidity is what knocks me around, and I know if I was not so fat then I would enjoy the summer a lot more. Yip I have stuffed up but I also know I can turn this around, hell I am not ready to die just yet - just starting to love life again :)


  1. Hi

    All you goals sound good, like me you have been "trying" to lose weight for years, I actually have now lost nearly 14 kilos since September. I think you need to get help with the weight loss even if it is only to get the first 20 or so kilos go to a dietitian or join Jenny Craig, a it for you...I am going to lose another 8 kilos...



    1. Hi Peta, I hate places like Jenny Craig etc sorry, One thing I learnt was when I got the exercise right, the food just fell into place. The time I lost the most weight was when I was motivating myself. So I know I can do it, step by step :)

    2. Oh and congrats on your loss, awesome work, I am sure the next 8 will be off soon as well :)

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