Sunday, January 11, 2015

WOW 2 posts in 2 days...

Today I drunk some water, today I went for a 1.35k walk and yes it nearly killed me, am going to aim for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for my walks. Today I ate some healthy food. and some not so healthy food...

David and I went out for lunch to 'Cafe Ephesus' in Rotorua, I found it perfect and said so on trip advisor :)

First we had Garlic Cheese bread, which won't be on our menu soon as we start to go low carb.... it was yummy but maybe needed a little more garlic on it.

I had the chicken lava sandwich (whoops another bad choice if I was doing low carb), it was really yummy and I did leave most of the bread behind ;)

David had the Calamari Warm Salad, which he said was really nice, well at least he choose something low carb :) - and yip he is on the phone.....

No desert, I did something right, today was rather warm, so once it cooled down we took both the puppies for a walk, I did a 1.35k walk and man I knew I was unfit but didn't know how bad I had got :(.

A nice day did a vlog, so that will be on my youtube tomorrow, hope everyone has a good night and had a good weekend. No more news on Dennis, so assume they didn't start to wake him up. Oh yeah thought I would add in my new bag I purchased last week, had been admiring it for about a year then finally decided to buy it last week and better still it was in special, nearly 50% off, well i couldn't let it go at that price could I :)

Yes it is me, and I love it.... and you know what I am enjoying blogging again :)


  1. Hi

    I have been sticking to around 1200 calories a day, and while most of the food is "good" lol, I still have a treat each day....I think food in moderation is the best at first rather than trying to cut out all food at you lose weight things start falling into place, but I decided enough was enough and after trying to lose weight for 20 years and more...I have actually done it ....and am still going...I hope you can do it too this feels so good....

    Take care


    1. I need to remember how good it felt when I lost all the weight for the half marathon.... and also how much fitter I was in Aussie. It will happen :)