Thursday, February 12, 2015

A bit of a let down....

I was hoping by some miracle that out there in the world, there would be a permanent purple hair colour, yes I know there are ones with purples in it, but not the purple I wanted - this then meant I was not going to have the purple/red hair colour in the picture below, well not now anyway....

So instead we went rather conservative. we just added a couple of black streaks in it, and gave it a good chop. But low and behold, I am not one to get down over this, so in a few days when it arrives I am going to add a pastel turquoise colour through it. It won't be dark like the pink I went once before but will just be nice and light and pretty. 

So here it is, this has not been styled or anything just washed and a quick blow-dry. 

So though I felt a little sad, I know it will look really nice with a soft colour through it :)

Anyway onto other things, after my haircut, I had lunch with my dad that was nice, Steph also came with us, so that was extra nice, cause as the kids get older they tend to see less and less of the grandparents for a few years. 

A bit of a bitch session coming up - why do people bullshit, well we know why but hey if you are going to then maybe cover all your bases so you don't get caught out. It wasn't even a huge thing, but come on if you are a true friend, then why not tell the whole truth, ok bitch session done. Well thats was short, I am no longer going to allow things like this annoy for any length of time, I vow and declare from this day onwards, negativity is not going to stay with me for long periods of time, yes I will swear and curse for a bit, but then I will move on and forward :)

But seriously the last few days has been a little up and down, first of Chris and his girlfriend have split up after a year and a half, and its hard as mother that I can not really do anything to help him with the pain, as I said to him it is part of growing up and there will be sad times but also many happy times. and all I can say is that each day it will get a smidgin easier for him. But for some reason today for the first time in I don't know how long, I have actually woken up happy about where I am in my life right now and where it is heading. Yes the nail business is struggling with issues with the wrist and pain and though I felt like giving up, I am now enjoying the challenge I am getting from it and the passion is so high that there is no way I am going to allow this to beat me down.

Today I really feel like life is only going to get better now, and that I can cope with the challenges, and with people like above  who lie etc..., I will put them in the background for now and focus on the strong friendships I have with the true friends  You know what I do believe, is that 2015 is going to be the year that things change for the better. I am also keeping in touch with some cousins in Holland now and it is so nice to be involved with the family, though we are many miles apart, i feel like I am part of the family if you get what I mean. 

So yip for now life is pretty good, and you know what there are going to be many more days when I wake up and think yip I am in a happy place and I love the life I have right now :)


  1. Love the hairstyle, hope the colour gets sorted out for you soon.

    Love waking up and thinking yep…I am feeling great and happy, let another day begin.

  2. Love the cut, I know what u mean bout the colour, have u changed it yet? Sorry for delay in posting, I just haven't been on blogger for so long :( feel guilty bout not coming on here and commenting more regularly

    Ohhh please give Chris big hug for me, sucks bout the breakup, how's he coping?

  3. I think your hair looks really good. I'm so sorry to hear about Chris and his girlfriend - that's very sad. I hope he is feeling okay. I hope the pain lessons so you can continue with your nail business without issues xx

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    Where are you?