Monday, February 2, 2015

Weigh Day

Weighed in today and lost 2.3 kilos this week, can't complain about that :)

Wheat free eating is going pretty good, walking was a bit of well a lot of a fail last real excuses.

Nail business, taking a break for a week or so, wrist swelled up and really sore, so in a splint for a bit, swelling is going down, so I need to wear a splint when not doing nails. If I can keep the swelling down, the pain decreases.

New week, pain is decreasing, walks will be had, got new nails today, I wanted these:

But after trying to do it with gel polish (most of the tutorials are done with nail polish) we gave up until next time, we also need to find a tutorial on how to do it with gel polish, it is called sugar spun nail art, we opted for this, we being my educator/nail tech and me. I do not do my own nails anymore just to hard lol

So am happy with these, maybe we will have another try with the other picture next time, oh and also I am wanting to change the shape and going for coffin shape nails which look like this, love this shape :)

So there we have it, February is here already, where January went, I am not sure, maybe I slept through it all, it went so bloody fast. This month is birthday month for our family, my sister, my dad, myself, and Jaimee (my niece) all have birthdays. No presses though, we don't buy presents anymore now we are all grown up.

Have a great few days/week all - see you soon and stay safe :)


  1. Great Loss !



  2. Great loss, well done :-)

    Love the nail colours, so much available now…just wish I had the nails though..

  3. Great loss, keep up the good work.