Monday, February 9, 2015

Weigh Innnnn.....

On Wednesday I am getting my haircut, after narrowing it done to these four.... I and Facebook buddies decided to go with

the first cut with the colour of the third one... so no more blonde for maybe forever, not sure if I ever want to go through the process of bleach again. So roll on Wednesday, then I will get my passport photos done, as my passport is due to expire at the end of the month.

Ok onto other things - weigh in gained 300 grams, not pissed off, not annoyed in fact happy with that. Many factors but main one ate a few to many carbs, not a lot just enough to have a gain. I was thinking of joining a gym but have decided not to, I won't keep motivated to keep going, I have legs that work so I will continue with walking, and maybe try the Exercycle again, and have a swiss ball so the money could be better spent on the business or spending money for Aussie, speaking of Aussie only 127 days to go :).

Last weekend was a long weekend here, on Friday had a look around Fairy Springs, was ok, did a youtube of it if you want to have a nosey.... (The weigh in result mentioned is for the week before, I was just late putting it up)

The weather was just about perfect for me with CRPS.... not to hot or muggy just right :)

On Saturday we went to Taupo, I had purchased an efile for work so wanted to pick that up, will make doing acrylics so much easier on my wrists. Speaking of work not sure if I mentioned I took a couple of weeks off nails as my wrists were sore and was having a few issues, hence why the purchase of the efile. But hope to be back into it next week.
We had not been to Taupo for about a year, no reason I love it there and didn't realise how much I missed the place.... and they have the best Vanilla Coconut Thick-shakes at 'Dixie Browns' - well there you have it, thats 300 grams just there lol.

Whats not to love about Taupo.... a fantastic lake, plenty to do, mountains only 1 1/2 hour drive away if into snow.... 

So there you have it, another few days in the life of me...., will do a photo of the hair after it is done on Wednesday, scary such a big change, though I have had it dark before it was such a mission to go blonde, I am lucky that I can go any colour with my hair with my colour skin. 

Take care all and stay safe :)

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