Monday, March 16, 2015

A little change a happening...

But first of where the hell did the last 4 weeks go, maybe I have been asleep for the last 4 weeks and have just woken up, cause I am sure as hell I wasn't awake for these weeks. But seriously and I know we hear it again and again from everyone, how can this year be going so fast..... 

Our holiday in June will be here before I know it, and then it will be over before I know it lol.

Ok onto the change, I am setting up another blog, for now it will be private so if you want to be part of it email me please at - why I hear you ask when I can not even keep up to date on this one well thats because this one is mainly suppose to be about CRPS, as I have many people that find it through the CRPS website page or Facebook page, I would like to keep this one for CRPS alone. I have limited posting in here about other stuff and hey not necessarily bad, just personal stuff that I would like to talk about but does not really fit in a CRPS blog if you get what I mean. 

So give me a few days to set this blog up, and I will get back to you for invites, ok maybe a week, I should be ready a book today for Uni that I have to do an essay on. I will be changing this one around as well :)

So thats my huge ok little exciting news for now :)

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  1. Great idea. We were given a chance to go to Chch this weekend. We'll be away from Thur not sure when we come home. We have Flexi plus tickets.
    Take care.