Monday, May 11, 2015

Did another week really go by....

I started doing the 'Walk Away The Pounds' in the post below if you want to know more. I am loving it, I work so much harder than walking outside, cause the pain level is a lot less not being out in the open cold temperature and also no uneven footpaths to worry about. Anyway with the exercise I managed to lose 1.7 Kilos this week - I am stoked :)

Mothers Day was yesterday, David, Steph and I went out for lunch and she got me this cool clock for Mothers Day. Didn't see Chris he was sick so told him to stay away, I don't want or need it :)
5 weeks on Wednesday till our trip to Aussie, we were going to get Steph to look after the dogs, but have decided to put them in a kennel, it is a place where they can keep them inside with the family, if they are a little timid. So going to check them out this week sometime, then drop them in there for a night or two, just to check they are ok with it and if so then thats where they will stay. It feels a little funny this time, as we have no real plans for our trip this time, we are for 3 weeks and just going to do whatever we feel like on the day pretty much :)

Now some not so good news, a close friend of Steph's OD'd a week ago, she is still in ICU and not doing very well, it makes me so sad that these kids feel that life is so tough that they have to do this. She is a fighter, and she is a lovely girl, so positive vibes that she will pull through ok, we are going to visit her maybe Wednesday. We are keeping in contact with her mum regarding visits. 

Anyway I am out of here, my nail tach is coming around to do my right hand nails properly I attempted them last week with acrylics and they are looking a bit out of shape so she will redo 3 of them, so need to get the acrylics off ready for her. But here is a pic of the better hand :)

Have a great morning, afternoon or day/night wherever you are :)

Keep smiling and stay safe :)


  1. Boy has time flown. I couldn't get on to the other blog so I'm glad you have come back to this one. Maybe a catch up soon before you go away.

  2. So sorry to hear about Steph's friend. I hope she pulls through and comes out of it the other end with help.

  3. Hi

    Glad to see you back !! take care


  4. wow only 5 weeks to go…time will fly by.
    Love the nails