Monday, May 4, 2015

Time to catch up....

So where have I been.....  not doing much, well I suppose have been doing stuff but nothing exciting, have decided to keep the blog as one again :)

First off on the weight front, I have managed to lose a whole 2.6 kilos for the month of April, well actually I am happy with that considering :). Exercising has been getting hard until I discovered "Walk at Home" on Youtube...., as the days are getting colder it is harder to get outside and walk with CRPS, so this morning I tried this, I loved it, I didn't need to worry about the temperature change from inside to outside, I didn't need to worry about tripping over uneven footpaths, I could go at my own pace - there are many different levels out there from Leslie Samson, so go check it out. Last night the pain just would not go, so out came the TENS machine, it really is a life saver in the winter :)

The nail business is going slow, I am lucky I am in a position that I am not relying on the money else I would have gone bust, but it is still a lovely distraction and still loving it. I will get there I just have to market myself different to what I have been. As for distractions I only have 3 papers to finish my degree so am going to be doing those next semester, so that will keep me busy :)

Our trip to the Gold Coast Australia is next month just 6 weeks on Wednesday, we are there for 3 weeks, speaking of Australia we have decided not to move there in 18 months like planned, when we actually got down to the nitty gritty, we both realise that then is not the right time, we still plan to move but not in 18 months, when the time is right it will all fall into place. So that meant we have to change some plans, I do not want to live in this house forever, or even in Rotorua for ever, I need to be by the beach.... it is my saviour, the place I can relax and feel good at. So now we are tossing up between Tauranga/Mount or Napier. I would love to go to Napier, but David is thinking Tauranga, but we are not going to talk about that till after our trip then we will make some decisions on what the future holds :). 

The kids are doing well, Chris is in Auckland, and I am not sure if I mentioned that he got back with his old girlfriend and she is living in Auckland now as well with him. He is doing a personal training course and working for his dad part time, he seems to be happy :). Steph is still in Rotorua living with her boyfriend and they are doing well there, so thats all good :)

The puppies are doing well, Rusty just had his op on Friday (neutered), and got microchipped, we waited for the microchipping till he went under a  general anaesthetic, as it is less traumatic, we did the same for Chico. Anyway while he was under we got the vet to check his hind legs as on occasion when we pick him up or he is playing a little rough he whimpers, anyway he has hip dysplasia. At this stage we are just going to watch it and feed him a high calcium diet etc.... if things get worse we will X-ray and go from there, at this stage it is just a mild case he said and there is not a lot that can be done right now. 

Anyway I think thats about it for now, will update soon promise so please don't leave me :)


  1. I think moving to either Tauranga or Napier will be fantastic for you both... seriously, sure Australia is lovely but you have everything here and if you can manage to be near the beach here then it's perfect. Do it!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday - gotta love Surfers for a great time away :)

  2. I love Leslie Sansome and her walking tapes…I have a whole heap of them and use them when I can't get out walking.

  3. Love hearing all your news, bummer bout not moving here to Australia but agree, NZ has all you need and I'm sure you'll find just the right spot!

    Great news bout the kids and the puppies lol

    Talk to u soon


  4. Hi

    Nice to see you back and I think I will do that walking...!



  5. Hi

    I have started doing the walking it is so good to be able to be at home when the weather is so cold here in will be my 3rd day, my legs were hurting up the top